Nursery 2020 - 2021


Welcome to Nursery!

Enjoy the learning which took place in Spring 2 in the tab above

 Look out for the weekly updates for home learning!

We are really excited to meet our new children as we know the year ahead holds lots of fun, laughter and learning! Below is some important information about life in Nursery.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment to see a member of staff, please ring or email school. We have an open-door policy to promote effective partnerships with parents though in the current situation of Covid 19 it is more likely we meet virtually or on the phone.


EYFS Lead/Teacher: Mrs L McPhillips

Nursery Nurse: Mrs L Crighton

Teaching Assistant: Mrs A Schumacher

Teaching Assistant: Miss K Noonan

Teaching Assistant: Miss B Parr



For this half term, PE will take place on Monday/Thursday afternoons. PE will be taught both indoor and outdoor, weather permitting. It is important that your child wears the nursery uniform of blue jogging pants, sweatshirt and black pumps as they are then in suitable wear for P.E.


Home Learning 

At Kirkby C of E, we value the importance of reading widely and as frequently as possible. For this reason, we ask that children read five times per week; this can be from a school reading book, a home book or even a library book from Mrs Crighton's ‘Bedtime Story Collection’! 



School Library

(At this present time we will not be accessing the library due to the restrictions in place.)

We are very fortunate to have a wonderfully atmospheric and well stocked school library here at Kirkby C of E. Every Tuesday morning/Thursday afternoon, the children in nursery will visit the library to select a reading book that they can read and enjoy.


 Outdoor Learning

The EYFS states that children need to have a daily outdoor experience. This means that in a childcare setting or school reception class your child will be outside at some stage every day. This could be in the specific outdoor play area or perhaps by taking part in nature walks on site. Children need nature and through play in the natural world they develop a respective relationship which promotes a sense of responsibility to the learning environment.



enlightenedReminder to all parents in Nursery, you must apply for your child's school place now. 

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