Autumn 2 Learning Gallery

Here's what we have been up to in                        Class 3...


We braved the weather on a cold November morning in order to use our senses around the fire pit. It definitely warmed us up. We collected 'wonderful words' ready to write poems about Fire. We are looking forward to Bonfire Night.



Money, money, money... Class 3 have been working practically with pounds and pence to make amounts in different ways, add, give change and count our tooth fairy money.


Woodland Project / Diva Lamps

After finding out about Diwali and the 'Festival of Lights' we set to work creating diva lamps. These will be on display in our school woodlands for the grand re-opening ceremony. We used air drying clay and modelling tools then worked hard to roll, cut, peel and mould our lamps. Here we are hard at work.....


A dash of paint and glitter.

d2 (1)(1).jpgd2 (2).jpg

Next stop....woodlands!

IMG-20211106-WA0011.jpgcomp (2).jpg


Kitty from the CLC taught us how to use algorithms to create a game with a 'Great Fire of London' theme.

comp (1).jpg

Design Technology

As part of our Cooking and Nutrition project we enjoyed making our own healthy vegetable soup. The children tasted some well known soup as part of market research. They came up with their own recipe before peeling,grating and chopping all of the vegetables. After cooking they enjoyed eating the delicious soup and designing a label for the packaging.



Class Three found out all about Florence Nightingale taking a trip back through time to visit Scutari Hospital. They were horrified at the conditions rats, dirty bandages, terrible food and bed pans!!!!


We enjoyed performing our annual Nativity at St Chad's Church. We told the story of the first christmas through song. In class we discussed how Good News is shared and used role play to imagine how the shepherds felt when they recieved the news of Jesus' birth.

Shep (1).jpgShep (2).jpgShep (3).jpg


We used fair testing to investigate how germs are spread and the work of Louis Pasteur. We had to be patient and observe changes over time, comparing the results with our predictions.





























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