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The children had a poetry lesson enhanced by a real experience of 'fire' on the school field.

After reading and discussing 'Fire' by Shirley Hughes, we sensed first hand what fire looks, smells, sounds and feels like, as well as talking about the important issue of safety as we approach bonfire night.





This half term our English book talks about feeling poorly and how you can make someone to feel better, this ties in well with our Florence Nightingale History topic.

The children have loved exploring our Doctors and Nurses role play area. 

Doctors Role Play .jpg



Class One have been making pictures with moving parts.



We have been making Bug Houses to be homed in our school woodlands. The children enjoyed collecting natural materials from around the school grounds. They also learnt how to safely use the hand saw to chop up wood and make a cosy home for the bugs.

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We enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the Woodlands. We looked at the beautiful arts and crafts that the other classes had created, sang songs, toasted marshmallows and made some delicious s'mores.




As part of our Cooking and Nutrition project, Class One enjoyed making their own healthy vegetable soup.

The childen researched and taste tested some well know soup currently on the market. They then came up with their own soup recipe before peeling, grating and chopping all of the vegetables. After cooking, they enjoyed eating the delicious soup and designing a label for the packaging.

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              Soup Tasting.jpg



11.11.21 - We all stood silently and remembered those fallen.




Class One have been learning all about a significant person from the past. Can you guess who this person is?

She was a famous nurse, born over 200 years. She worked in a hospital in Scutari and helped soldiers in the Crimean War. She helped to change the future of nursing by making sure that basic hygenic needs were always met so that patients had a better chance of making a full recovery. During the Covid pandemic, some temporary hospitals were even set up in her name.


Florence, and her Class One team of trained nurses, did a great job when they visited our Scuatri Hospital in school. The injured soldiers were given a clean bed, they ate some warm food, they scrubbed the floor and got rid of all of the rats! Well done Class One.

Scutari 1.jpg     

Scutari 2.jpg


Pantomine - Snow White

What a great surprise it was to watch and enjoy the 'Snow White' performance in our school hall.

Snow white panto nov 21.jpg


Anti Bullying Week

We celebrated differences this week by talking about how special it is to be unique. We loved wearing our odd socks to school.

Odd Socks.jpg


Children In Need

Was it food heaven or food hell???  No surprises that the children voted for all of the adults to have food hell!!

It was all for such a great and worthwhile cause so of course we didn't really mind. Thank you for your very generous donations - Class One raised a fantastic total of £83.70!

A big thank you to Pudsey for coming along to say hello. I'm sure Miss Hindmarsh was grateful for the support when she was suffering eating her snails.

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PE in the Woodlands - moving safely around the outdoor environment

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