Celebrations and Special Events

Morrisons Colouring Competition Winners

Class 2 participated in Morrisons colouring competition and Lallarnie and Anabelle won a delicious prize.

Well done to all the children that participated.

C2 - Morrisons 2.jpg   C2 - Morrisons.jpg


Positive Pasta Rewards

In Class 2 we work together to earn 'Positive Pasta'. We decide as a class what class reward we would like to aim for and then as a class we agree on a target amount of pasta.

Autumn 1 

This half term we have achieved 2 targets! We enjoyed a reward of a movie and popcorn for reaching our first target of 50 pieces of pasta. For our second reward we achieved our target of 70 piceces of pasta and we enjoyed hot chocolate with whipped cream and biscuits.

C2 - Positive pasta.JPG


Fire Pit Experience

On Tuesday 2nd November, we enjoyed a fire pit experience. Mrs Dwyer constructed a fire safely in a fire pit, we used our senses to discuss our fire pit experience. 

C2 - fire pit - 2.JPG C2 - fire pit - 3.JPG  C2 - fire pit -1.JPG  C2 - fire pit -4.JPG

Woodlands Reopening 

On Friday 5th November our wondereful school woodlands reopened. To celebrate we made dreamcatchers to be displayed in the trees. We also enjoyed toasting yummy marshmallows to make delicious smores! We really enjoyed singing with the whole school as it was our first time altogether in such a long time. 

  Woodlands 1.JPG Woodlands 2.JPG Woodlands 6.JPGWodlands 8.JPGWoodlands 11.JPGWoodlands 9.JPGWoodlands 10.JPG Woodlands 7.JPG Woodlands 4.JPGWoodlands 3.JPGWoodlands 5.JPG


Attendance Award

We recieved the Bronze Medal Award for Attendance for Autumn 1 half term!

Bronze Award Autumn 1.JPG


Nurse Michelle

On Friday 12th November we had a zoom Q&A with Nurse Michelle. We prepared questions to ask her about her job as a nurse and working in a hospital. We really enjoyed asking her our questions and listening to Nurse Michelle's answers. 


Nurse Michelle.JPG


Odd Socks Day

On Friday 19th November 2021, we celebrated that we are all different by wearing odd socks.

C2 - Odd Socks Day.JPG



During the countdown to Christmas Class 2 enjoyed lots of exciting activities, including visiting the Snow Globe in the Town Centre, a wonderful winter wonderland experience, a pizza party and Christmas disco.


Christmas 1.JPG

Christmas 2.JPG  Christmas 3.JPG    

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