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W/C 1.2.2021 - Children's Mental Health Week




Phonics – Can you write your name?  Do you know the letter names and letter sounds of your name? Can you remember the actions to the sounds?


Power of Reading (Literacy) – Listen and watch the following clip for a few minutes. (copy and paste into google search) https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=sound+clip+from+under+the+sea&view=detail&mid=1E123D83BFEA4BD70C861E123D83BFEA4BD70C86&FORM=VIRE


Where is this? How does it make you feel? What does it look like? What is this watery world like?


Maths – Sing along to the following song learning about prepositions. (copy and paste into google search)



Children’s mental health week activity 1 – It’s important to learn to breath, relax and stretch.  The best way to do this is through yoga.  Follow the link and copy our cosmic yoga class. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=cosmic+yoga+mental+health+week&&view=detail&mid=CE3AA505DB6710B0ED40CE3AA505DB6710B0ED40&&FORM=VDRVRV





Phonics – Listen carefully to this list of words; thin, happy, big. What are the opposite words?  Can you show these words using actions?


Power of Reading (Literacy) – Revisit the underwater soundscape from yesterday.  Discuss and draw pictures of things that they can and would expect to see. What colours can you see?


Maths – Play hide and seek with house hold objects.  Give clues on where the item is.  For example, the cup is behind the chair, the dog bone is under the blanket.


Children’s mental health week activity 2- Think positive.  We are all unique and special.  We are super! Draw yourself wearing a superhero costume or dress up as a super hero and write some words to describe super you. 




Phonics – What does ‘fish’ begin with?  Can you find items from around the house that begin with f? 


Power of Reading (Literacy) Look at the picture:



Who is this fish?  Where does it live? What does it do there?  Who does it live with? Where is it going? Where has it come from? How is the fish feeling?  How do you know?  Would you like to ask the fish anything?


Maths – Recap prepositions by watching this clip. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=singing+walrus+prepositions+&&view=detail&mid=E3F02B54A4E738F2CFCEE3F02B54A4E738F2CFCE&&FORM=VDRVRV


Can you put an item under, on, in, above a box/table?


Children’s mental health week activity 3- Get outside in the fresh air.  Go for a run around your park or block (keeping safe and following covid guidelines).




Phonics – Listen carefully to this list of words; fish, dish, sea, wish. Can you find the one that doesn’t rhyme with the others? Remember to listen carefully to the sound at the end of the word.


Power of Reading (Literacy) Watch the story Hooray for fish



Why do you think it’s called Hooray for fish?


Maths – Give number cards to 5 (use from previous lesson) to the children.  Turn face down.  Take it in turns to turn 2 over.  If the numbers match then you keep the cards.  If they don’t turn them back face down.  The winner is the one with the most cards. 


Children’s mental health week activity 4- Focus on what makes us happy can help us to be positive thinkers.  On a piece of paper write Happiness is…..   (Think about what makes you smile, laugh and feel happy)




Phonics – Sing 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive.  Can you do the actions?




Power of Reading (Literacy) – Listen to the story from yesterday again, encouraging the children to remember and chime in as they become more confident with the rhymes and repetition within the text.  Draw your favourite fish from the story.


Maths - Go outside.  Throw 5 stones into a bucket/plant pot.  How many land on the inside and how many on the outside? Record scores. What is the highest number you can get in the bucket?


Children’s mental health week activity 5 –Get outside even if it rains, snows or is windy.  Go and jump in muddy puddles, hug a tree, fly a kite, build a snowman.  Use the weather to think of exciting things to do outside and don’t forget to take some pictures to send me.


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