Remote Learning W/B 18.1.21

Here are your tasks for the week.

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Don't forget to join our zoom sessions this week.

The details of how to login to the sessions have been emailed out to you.

Monday at 12pm 

Wednesday at 11am (PE)

Friday at 12pm


If you need to have a little work break this week then please consider watching one of the educational programmes being shown on CBBC rather than playing on your tablet.

A timetable of the schedule has been attached (at the bottom of the page) and the programmes that should be appropriate for, and of interest to, children in Year 1 are highlighted in yellow.




Add by making 10 (Activity)

Click here to watch the White Rose Maths teaching video.

There is no worksheet to complete today but please follow the video and complete the following tasks in your workbook.

Making 10 - Number Bonds

Look at the example below. Can you use the ten frame to help you complete the sentence.

Now, use the ten frame in your home learning pack to have a go at finding more ways to make 10. You could draw the tens frames and counters in your workbook and complete the sentences.

Add on from 10

Look at the example below.

You will need 2 tens frames and some counters to help you answer these questions. If you don't have counters at home, you can improvise by making some using paper or use some sweets (yum).

Have a go at these questions in your workbook:

9 + 7 =____          9 + 2 =_____          9 + 9 =_____          9 + 5 =_____          9 + 8 =_____

8 + 4 =_____          8 + 8 =_____          8 + 5 =_____          8 + 6 =_____          8 + 3 =_____


Phase 3 sounds revision

Click here to watch me talking you through the Phase 3 sounds that you already know. Keep practising these sounds at home, watch the video as many times as you like and pause whenever you need a little bit of thinking time.

Phase 4

Read each of these words by saying the sounds and blending them together.

from     stop     spot     frog     step     plan     grip     glad

Write a sentence that includes the word ‘drop’.


A Winter Guest

       Look at the picture carefully.

Think about these questions and answer them in your workbooks.

Remember there are no right or wrong answers.

  • Where are the hedgehogs?
  • Do the hedgehogs know each other?
  • Has the hedgehog outside been to this house before?
  • Do you think the hedgehog in the house will invite the other hedgehog inside? Why/Why not?

Challenge (write in full sentences)

  • What are the two hedgehogs taking about? Draw speech bubbles to show their conversation.
  • Have you ever seen a hedgehog during the winter?


This week we are practising the Phase 3 Tricky Words. Have a go at reading each of these words. Remember they are tricky words so you can't sound them out and they don't follow the rules, you just have to learn them.

he     she     we     me     be     you

If you already know these Phase 3 Tricky words, here is a list of all Year 1 & Year 2 Common Exception Words. Choose 10 to learn this week. Practise them every day.


Click here for Disney 'Shake Up' Change4Life NHS 10 minute workouts.

Some of the activities you will be able to do by yourself and others you can ask family members to join in.


We are starting a new unit from the Charanga scheme that we use in school. The unit is called: 

In The Groove.

An email has been sent to every parent with their child's individual Charanga login details.

Go to the YUMU website by clicking here and then login with your personal login details that have been emailed to you.

Your first lesson (step) should be there waiting for you. Work your way down the right hand menu and enjoy the activities. Have Fun!




Add by making 10

Click here to watch the White Rose Maths teaching video.

Complete the worksheet.


An adjective is a describing word.

Have a look at some examples of how adjectives are used, in the powerpoint below. (ignore the last page)

Finish these sentences with an adjective? How many different adjectives can you think of?

The box is ___________.                              The boy is ______________.

The elephant is ______________.                The snow is _____________.

The pencil is _______________.                   The sun is _____________

The glass is ________________.                  The hamster is _____________.


Read each of these words by saying the sounds and blending them together.

speck     green     fresh     steep     spear     spoil     track     brown

Write a sentence that includes the word ‘start’.


Have a go at using objects from around the house to spell this week's tricky words.

he     she     we     me     be     you

Have a look at what Miss Parr has done!


Everyday Materials: Properties

Can you remember the names of some materials?

These words below are properties of materials which means what the materials are like to look at and to feel.