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The Tiger Who Came to Tea

What a wonderful start to our term! This week, we have been reading and exploring the well known story - 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. Throughout the week, class one have made stick puppets, sequenced the story, taken on the role of different characters during role play sessions and produced some lovely writing. On World Book Day, we were very lucky to be able to visit the theatre in St Helen's to see the story come to life on stage. 

Tiger1.jpg    Tiger3.jpg    

Theatre1.jpg    Theatre2.jpg



World Book Day 

We all had great fun celebrating books and our love of reading. The children looked fantastic dressed up as different book characters.

WBD1.jpg    WBD2.jpg



We are enjoying learning all about African Art, patterns and prints. Look at our lovely line printing focusing on pattern and the contrast between warm and cool colours. Class One have all worked really well in pairs learning a new skill of weaving, inspired by Kente Cloth. Printing blocks were prepared using string and wooden blocks, patterns were printed on paper and also drawn onto card strips, which were then used for weaving. Lots of fine motor skills and fantastic problem solving. 

African Art1.jpg     African Art2.jpg    African Art3.jpg


weave e.jpg     weave d.jpg     weave c.jpg


weave b.jpg     weave a.jpg



Class One have been practising their measuring skills using standard and non standard measure. We have introduced the ruler and have been measuring classroom objects (and our shoes!) to the nearest cm.

measure 4.jpg    measure 3.jpg    measure 2.jpg    measure 1.jpg



Class One have been fantastic designers! They were set a brief to design a lion enclousure and the criteria was that it must be no bigger than A4 in size, it must have walls, it must have a sheltered area for sleeping and a space for eating and drinking. An additional challenege was set...could they include something for the lions to play with! So much discussion, planning and teamwork involved. Check out their brilliant designs and finished products.



Co-ordinating and combining jumps

Fundamentals 1.jpg  Fundamentals 2.jpg


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