Woodland walk for a pack of wolves.

This term in English, Class 5 have been reading about wolves in our new book ‘Wolves’. We learnt a lot about how wolves have 42 sharp, ferocious teeth, how they travel in packs, where they live and how they enjoy eating meat such as; bison, deer, voles and … rabbits.

Today, the children took a small trip around the woodlands in search for those dangerous, hungry and fierce wolves; as well as those small rabbits.

Most children saw scratching marks from the wolves’ razor sharp claws on the trees. Others saw rabbit holes from the terrified rabbits and some even witnessed piercing eyes and pointy ears from the wolves in the woodlands.

The children had a wonderful time and even managed to create a pack of wolves from the broken branches, leaves and berries.

Have a look at our wonderful pictures.

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