Autumn 1 in Nursery

Date: 20th Oct 2020 @ 12:43pm

Autumn 1-Blog

Our topic this half-term has been ‘Ourselves’. We have used this topic to enjoy expressing who we are and what we enjoy at home with our families. We are getting to know new friends and build relationships with them and our teachers. We have become familiar with new routines and are settling into the nursery class indoors and out. We understand our teacher’s job is to keep us safe and to teach us lots of new things.

As the summer turns to autumn we have explored the environment on a daily basis discussing colours and patterns of leaves, shapes and sizes of trees and have observed the birds and what they eat for food.

We have gained knowledge of plants which provide a natural food source for birds, some plants that have berries, fruit and seeds. We have collected plants which we had identified in books which have berries and hips including, Ivy, Crab Apple, Wild Cherry, Honeysuckle, Hawthorn, Pyracantha and Holly. We have learnt lots of new descriptive language and the children love to use the sentence, ‘Don’t get prickled by the prickly holly bush.’

We now understand the birds find it difficult as the season’s change to access food in their natural habitat so we collected sunflowers, scabious and cosmos to create our Kirkby CE bird food. The birds ate it up very quickly!

As part of our investigations ( with magnifying glasses) we discovered a log pile in a shady spot and a compost heap and we know this will encourage insects which will in turn provide good hunting grounds for birds that feast on insects.

Bedtime Stories

We enjoyed a wonderful celebration of ‘Bedtime Stories’ coming to school in our PJ’s which was super comfy! We listened very carefully to the story, ’Peace at Last’ by the author and illustrator Jill Murphy. We identified alliteration in the story (the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words) this was tricky but very exciting!

Mrs Crighton’s library of ‘Bedtime Stories’ was opened and we received our first book in our very own book bag. Mrs Crighton even wrote a special ‘WOW’ moment for us when she listened as we explained the story to her in our own words. She said she is very proud of all the nursery children reading every day.

TheBooktrust gave the children a special book to each child My Pet Star Author: Corrinne Averiss Illustrator: Rosalind B. which was super story which suggested a home/school activity of making your own decorative pet star. (See the pics below) This activity was celebrated and displayed in nursery class.


There is so much more learning to discuss, experiments with wet and dry sand, making sock puppets, testing theories with water play and waterproof suits and wellie’s. Take a look at the pictures on the website and see our experiential curriculum in motion.

Happy half-term to all our children and parents. Stay safe and keep learning!


Mrs McPhillips, Mrs Schumacher, Miss Noonan and Mrs Crighton (The Nursery Team)



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