Attendance & Punctuality


                                                                                           Attendance Notice

                                                                                           'Every Day Counts'

Kirkby CE Primary School’s Annual school attendance target is 96%.  Children that attend school have the best chance and opportunities to thrive.Together we can help your child to feel happy and be successful. Your child deserves a good education and all the opportunities that education can give them in life.

                                                                                           Punctuality Notice

                                                                                          'Every Minute Counts'

The school day starts at 08:50am but we open our doors to the children at 8.40am so the children can be ready and settled for the register. If you bring your child in late they may have missed the start to the lesson, teacher input, intervention session, phonics session and or guided reading all of which contribute to your child making progress.

If your child is more than 30 minutes late at the start of the school day, they will automatically get an absence mark for their morning session

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                                                                                      Persistent Absentee Notice

 Persistent absence – A child with an attendance percentage of less than 90%. School will communicate by letter or telephone if we have concerns and offer support. If your child continues to be a persistent absentee this will be investigated and followed up by Knowsley Attendance Service.

                                                                   What are the rules about attendance and punctuality?
Parents and carers have to make sure those children aged 5 to 16 years receive full-time education and that these children attend school regularly. It's the law!

Parents can be taken to court for breaking this law (section 199 of the Education Act 1993). The policy for the Government Department of Education (May 1994) also says: "Parents / Carers should ensure that their children arrive at school on time, properly attired and in a condition to learn.

                                                                                           What about absence?

It is important to get a message to school. If your child is absent from school and we have not received a phone call explaining the reason, then we will make a phone call to you asking for the reason of the absence by 09:30am.

Parents/ carers must contact the school on the first day of the absence to explain why their child is not in school either by phone call, parent app message or email. An absence for an unacceptable or unexplained reason will not be authorised and will appear on your child's attendance record as an un-authorised absence.

                                                                                    Celebrations & Awards Notice

                                                                       Weekly class gold, silver and bronze certificates.

                             Weekly class certificates and raffle prizes for children with excellent (100%) attendance and punctuality. 

                                                            Half term gold, silver and bronze medals for class attendance.

                                Full term gold, silver and bronze certificates and badges for all children with 98% -100% attendance.


                                                                                           Why do I go to School?

                                                                            Here's what Pupils at Kirkby CE School say:

                                                                         To learn new things and develop our knowledge.

                                                                                       To have fun and make friends.

                                                                                          To prepare for our future.

                                                                                To find out about the world we live in.

                                                                                              To get a good job.

                                                                     To develop our confidence and become independent.


                    We fully appreciate the continued support from our parents and carers in playing a key role with our attendance.



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