Child Mental Health Week 1st -7th February 21

This week is child mental health week.  As a school, we recognise you are all doing your best under extremely difficult circumstances to juggle home, school and work.  We all need a break now and again to help us get through these challenging times.  Below are a few simple resources that are aimed at improving your child's mental health and wellbeing.  We all recognise, happy children equal happy parents.  Just taking a few minutes break, several times a day, can make an incredible difference to how we feel. The activities are not added to put extra pressure on you, they are intended to be supportive.  There is a little bit of yoga (good for a laugh, good for the soul).  There are some simple brain break breathing techniques.  The charity Mind have produced a lovely booklet you may enjoy doing with your child.  Please see the download files below.

Files to Download

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