Welcome to Religious Education at Kirkby CE Primary School.


Intent of our Religious Education Curriculum


  • For children to experience a sense of awe and wonder in RE.
  • To provide a caring and happy environment/community where these needs are met and in which Christian standards are upheld;
  • For all children to have an understanding of Christianity and be confident in recalling biblical knowledge.
  • For all children to be aware of the presence of Christian beliefs and values in our society and in the world, and something of their biblical and historical significance.
  • For children to gain a secure sense of chronology (bible history).
  • For all children to be fluent with high-level biblical vocabulary.
  • For children to be able to reflect on and learn from the Bible and Jesus’ life.
  • To have an understanding and respect for other World Religions.
  • For RE to be brought to life.


From Nursery to Year 6, the children at Kirkby C of E learn about Christianity and other world religions.  We follow The Liverpool Diocesan Board of Education "Questful RE" Syllabus.


You can keep up to date with some of our fantastic activities and learning opportunities on the twitter hashtag : #KCERE




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