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Summer Term

Date: 15th Jun 2020 @ 12:12pm

Hello my lovlies, 

I hope this blog finds you and your families all well and healthy.

This week we are delighted to hear the updates on home learning from so many of you. We have learnt that both Calvin and his brother Carter have a new puppy who they have named Chase in their family. We have seen Evie & Penny in school most days as their Mummy is an ambulance driver. An amulance driver is a person who's job it is is to  take people to hospital when they are poorly. I know we are no longer clapping on a Thursday night for our NHS staff and Key workers but they are close in our hearts and we are very thankful.

There are so many delightful photos to look at on the 'Amazing home learning' page so take a look.

How did your 'Scavenger Hunt' go? If you haven't tried it have go and update me with your the stories and photo's at lisa.mcphillips@kirkbyce.co.uk

I know Alfie enjoyed discovering in the local woods, well done Alfie!

We look forward to speaking to you on the phone, email or on Zoom this week, so check your emails for updates and invites.

Take care everyone, we miss you all so much.

Love Mrs McPhillips, Mrs Crighton & Mrs Vella.


Daily Phonics

Date: 28th Apr 2020 @ 9:22am



Indoor Learning

Hello children,

I hope you are all well.

BRRRRR .....The weather is so much  cooler today so I put on my hat when I went for my daily walk this morning. As you know my dog Tilly enjoys walking so we had a quick walk down the canal this morning and she is asleep now in her bed.I thought because the weather has changed  you may enjoy some indoor learning. I love learning outside just like you but sometimes we have to stay inside so here are some ideas of what you can do.

Weekly Maths Tasks (Aim to do 1 per day)

Weekly Reading Tasks (Aim to do 1 per day)


● Watch a Numberblocks clip each day at: BBC or CBeebies. Use this guide here to give you ideas on what to do with your children whilst watching an episode.


● Play the Numberblocks adding game.


● Practise counting forwards and backwards to20.

This can be done through playing hide and seek, singing number songs, chanting, board games etc.


● Write out the digits 0 – 9 in crayon, chalk, felt tips


● Sing Number songs to practice counting, reciting numbers in order, one more, one less using number songs: Five Little Ducks, Five Little Men, Ten Green Bottles.


● Look for the numbers on the doors of houses. Do the numbers get bigger or smaller as you go up and down the street/road?



● Read a variety of books at home. Favourites can be repeated. Hearing the patterns of language in a story will support your child’s language development.


● Read the story Hansel and Gretel (or watch on youtube)- What makes the house appealing to the children? .


● Read the story of The Three Little Pigs (or watch on youtube)- Discuss the choices the little pigs make about the materials they use to build their houses. Can children figure out the material their own house is made from?


Weekly Phonics Tasks (Aim to do 1 per day)

Weekly Writing Tasks (Aim to do 1 per day)


● Sing Nursery Rhymes and songs together. Add in actions and change the words. Can children think of different rhyming words to add in? Repeat old favourites and learn new rhymes. You can find an A-Z of Nursery Rhymes here.


● Send your child on a sound hunt around the house. Can they find and record all of the items that make sounds? (e.g. hairdryer, TV, fridge, microwave, phone)



● Design your dream house. What rooms would you like to have in your house? Encourage children to be as imaginative as they can (e.g. a cinema room, a chocolate room). Can they label their house? Write the first sound using their phonics knowledge?


● Practice name writing. Can they write their Christian name? Challenge.....Surname?




Happy Monday (Week 5)

Date: 27th Apr 2020 @ 9:52am

Hello Everyone



Good morning to you all on this bright Monday morning. I hope you all have happy smiles on your faces today and are listening to your Mummies and Daddies. I have received so many wonderful photos of you busy at home learning lots of new skills. Ask your parents to show you your friend’s photos on the school website.


Here is the exciting challenge for this week to make a time capsule from the pack you received through your letterbox. So what is a time capsule and what is it for? A time capsule is a box of things which will let the next generation of people (people who haven’t even been born yet) know what your life was about. What can you include in your time capsule? For example, you can include a picture of yourself and your family; write down your favourite food and maybe a label from the food. Print you fingerprint and write your name and age and even pop in a photo. This box needs to be waterproof (just like your outdoor suits remember they are waterproof as they keep you dry when it rains). Dig a deep hole with a spade in the garden and place your box in the hole and cover it. If you need any help there are clips available on the internet.

Busy learning at home....

I know Alfie and Millie have already made their time capsule as their Mummies sent an email to let me know how much they enjoyed the activity. Look at ‘Home Learning’ on the website.

Mrs McPhillips has been busy learning.......

Children I had a very special birthday this year and I was very spoilt by my family with lovely gifts. One of my gifts was an electric strimmer for my garden so I can keep it very tidy. Firstly I had to read the instructions and then learn how to use it (my garden looks lovely now). Another of my special gifts was a new card pack as I love playing cards my Dad taught me when I was a little girl. So I have been having lots of fun playing Patience, Blackjack and learning how to play Rummy. This week I am going to try my new sewing machine which will be tricky! I will let you know how I get on (I will remember what I always say to you.... “I know this will be tricky but keep trying and do your best.”)

Have a lovely week, stay safe, keep busy and remember to be kind to each other. Parents please keep the emails coming as it is wonderful to see the children.

Love Mrs McPhillips




Hoppy Easter to Nusery Class

Date: 12th Apr 2020 @ 12:19pm

Hoppy Easter To Everyone

My goodness me you won't believe who was in my garden today! Inbetween the bluebells and blossom trees I heard a rustle and saw a twitching nose and there on the lawn .......Yes, it was the Easter Bunny herself! She was so busy she didn't even notice me.  I quietly went about checking on the seedlings which are growing in their pots in my garden. I watched her discreetly as she checked her list and then I heard her read out the list, Kirkby Cof E Nursery! I couldn't believe my eyes! So I need to ask each and everyone of you if you received an egg?? Please, please let me know as I MUST write to her and thank her especially after her choosing my garden to write her list out in!

After a very eggciting start to Easter Sunday and a smashing breakfast cooked by Mr McPhillips I enjoyed watching my children ( who are young adults ) find their eggs which they ate for breakfast. Next we got in the car and drove a very short journey to see our grandchildren Dolly and Winnie who had also had a visit from the Easter bunny too! They had lots of delicious eggs but were only allowed to eat one each after they had ate their breakfast. Mummy reminded them to brush their teeth afterwards to keep them healthy and strong as Easter eggs have lots of sugar in them. 

As a family we normally go to mass ( is going to see and sing songs about Jeasus together) on Easter Sunday and enjoy celebrating the story of Easter in church though we cannot go today as all the churches like the shops are closed too. We have  a very special friend who  is a priest called Fr Peter and he has been saying his mass on youtube which is quite different to going to church but it's good to see him. Today  I will say a prayer for you and your families that you have a super Easter and we will be together again soon.


Mrs McPhillips


I miss you all!

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 10:16pm

Hi everyone at home smiley.

Yes it's Mrs McPhillips checking you are all ok? I hope you are all busy reading and drawing at home !

I am really missing you and want to know what you are up to at home. I have put on some great ideas for learning on our class page for you to complete. 

Ask Mummy or Daddy to help you read and choose what to do then they  can email your learning, photos or videos to me.How exciting is that?  

Very soon some of you will be turning 4 on your birthday so I would really enjoy seeing your photos and birthday cards. Ask your parents or an adult to email them to lisa.mcphillips@kirkbyce.co.uk

So I can hear you asking ........tell my about your day and your family. So, I have been taking my dog Tilly who is a very small white dog on very long walks which sometimes makes her a little bit cross. angryI know when she's cross because she stands still and won't move, she looks like a statue! noWe looked for rainbows on our walk and we have spotted plenty! Tilly has been counting in her head and she has counted twenty so far.I know when shes counting because she taps her chin with her paw !  Also we have seen lots of cuddly teddy bears in peoples windows this makes Tilly smile and show off her teethlaugh.Tilly loves teddy bears she has 5 in her bed.heart

This afternoon I planted seeds in my garden just like we did last week in school, I hope they grow quickly. I need to remember to water them and keep them out of the frost in the cold evenings. 

This evening I spoke to some of our teachers on a wesite called Zoom it was brilliant! There was 4 teachers all talking together on the screen at once, very exciting.

Well I'm going to bed now to cuddle up with my bedtime bear and read a lovely story,

night night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.

Love Mrs McPhillips



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