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Miss Campbell has visitors!

Date: 15th Jun 2020 @ 4:56pm

Last week Miss Campbell had a lovely surprise when she spotted a few visitors in her garden (socially distanced of course).

A mummy duck and her 10 ducklings found themselves in Miss Campbell's garden. It appeared they may have come from the pond at Mill Farm. At first Miss Campbell was a little bit worried that they may be lost, or that the neighbour's cat might get them. After a phone call to Freshfield Wildlife Trust, the lady said they may have been looking for a safe space away from any danger near the pond. Can you guess what ducks eat? The lady said that they really like seeds, wet bread and weetabix! Who knew ducks liked weetabix?

They stayed for a little while so Miss Campbell decided to put out some water for them to splash in and some seeds for them to eat.


 After a little splash and with a full tummy they waddled all the way back to the pond. Miss Campbell followed them just to make sure they made it back safely.


Keeping up with Miss Parr! 21/05/20

Date: 21st May 2020 @ 9:31am

Hey Class 2

Just a quick update…

This week, Barney and I have welcomed our new addition Blake. It’s safe to say he has settled into our family perfectly and Barney is a fantastic big brother. Just like any other baby, he sleeps A LOT (during the day) and I think that is Barney’s favourite time, as he gets a break. He wakes up very early, this morning it was 5am and when he is awake he is a cheeky monkey! He loves to cause chaos, chase Barney and dig holes in my garden!!! But, when he gives me those puppy dog eyes, he is instantly forgiven. He is absolutely adorable and we love him lots! I can’t wait to watch him grow into a handsome big boy like his big brother Barney.


On route to his new home...


Cuddles with his new big brother...


Copying Barney...

Cuddles with mummy...


Meeting all the KCE teachers on the Zoom Staff Meeting...

That's it from me for now, the little man is waking up which means 1 thing, puppy mad hour! I would love to hear what you have been up to this week.

Speak to you all soon. 


Miss Parr 


Keeping up with Miss Parr! 01/05/20

Date: 1st May 2020 @ 12:18pm

Hey Class 2

I hope you are all ok. I have been receiving lots of pictures from you, which have put a big smile on my face. Have you had a look at our ‘Class 2 Catch Up & Display Wall’ page to see what your friends have been up to? Can you spot yourself on there?

I have had another busy week but unfortunately most of this week has been spent indoors, as the weather has not been as nice this week. Fingers crossed it will begin to improve again so we can all go back outside and enjoy the sunshine.


Even though the weather has not been so great, as you all know plants need water as well as sunlight to survive. Well, my sunflower has certainly enjoyed some rain. It is now 28 cm tall. I can’t believe it! surprise Has your sunflower grown? Have you been giving it everything it needs to survive? How tall is your sunflower?


So this week, because I have been stuck indoors I have been doing lots of reading. I really enjoy reading, but again it is not something I always have time to do. I hope you have all been reading every day too. This week I came across a fantastic website If you go on this website you will find lots of the reading schemes that we use in school. You may even spot some of the books you have read before. You will need to ask your grown up to create an account but it is completely FREE! You can access these books on a laptop, ipad or tablet. I wonder if you will recognise any of the characters from books you have read before. You could write all of the books that you read in your reading diary. Let me know what you think. Which book is your favourite?

Finally, ill finish with some very, very exciting news. laugh Barney can barely keep still as he is so excited to become a big brother!! No I am NOT having a baby, but I am getting another fur baby!! Meet my new addition. As you can imagine, Barney and I are so so excited, but we have to wait patiently until 23rd May, as he is only 5 weeks old. I have been showing Barney lots of pictures and he wags his tail, so I know he cannot wait to meet him. We don’t have a name for our new pup yet. What do you think I should call him? It’s a very hard decision, I would love to hear your ideas. Barney is starting to realise he is soon going to have to make room for a little one, and get used to lots and lots of cuddles. He has started practising already! I'm not sure how he feels about the idea of sharing his toys though. frown


 That’s it from me this week, keep sending me your wonderful pictures, I love to see what you have been up to.


Miss Parr


Keeping up with Miss Parr! 20/04/20

Date: 20th Apr 2020 @ 1:59pm

Hey Class 2

How are you all? I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Weekend. Did the Easter Bunny bring you lots of yummy eggs? Hopefully you all enjoyed a nice break from the school work and made the most of the beautiful weather. Have you been playing out in your garden? I would love to hear what you have been up too and remember if you would like to send me some pictures, I can add them to our ‘Class 2 Catch Up’ page so your friends can also see what you have been up to.

Unfortunately the website has been down for a couple of days but I am back now and will continue to update our class page. How are you getting on with the work packs you were given? Don’t forget, if you are finding it a little bit tricky or need some help, just ask mummy or daddy to send me an email and I will be happy to help. Also, I know we have been away from school for a while now so if you are starting to finish your work packs, keep checking the website as I will be posting more activities on here. Your grown-ups should have received an email from me this morning, letting them know how I plan to set you some tasks over the next couple of weeks. Today would have been the first day of our summer term, so we have to do some work to keep our brains growing. I hope you are all still reading and practising your phonics sounds every day. Yes that’s right, every single day. It is so important to read lots and lots as it will help your brain to grow very big and you will learn lots of new words that can help you with your writing too.  

As well as reading it is super important to keep fit and active. I know I need to after the amount of chocolate and cakes I have eaten recently. Have any of you tried our new Knowsley School Sport Challenge? How many bunny hops can you do in 30 seconds? Can you beat Mr Mawson? A new challenge will be posted each week so make sure you keep checking the website and give it a go. Please, please, please beat Mr Mawson! I would love to see him shed a little tear after being beaten by a year 1 or 2 haha. If you do have a go, make sure you send me some pictures or even a video. We have to make sure we have the evidence to show Mr Mawson after all.

It’s also good to take some time out to do the things that you enjoy. So last week I said I was going to have a go at baking. Baking is something I like to do but don’t always have the time to. Well as you know practise makes perfect. So if you don’t have time to practise sometimes it can be a little bit tricky. Well I have been very busy, especially on Easter morning, when I made some extra special Easter cakes for a special delivery. I made chocolate rice krispy cakes, carrot cake muffins, cookies and lemon drizzle cake. I put them into boxes and delivered these to my family who I miss an awful lot at this time. They were very grateful and thankfully they all really enjoyed them. Have you had a go at baking any yummy treats?


Of course I need to give you a weekly pupdate. Barney is loving the beautiful weather and has been enjoying himself sunbathing in the garden, whilst I work next to him on my laptop. He also really enjoyed the Easter weekend as I must admit he is a bit of a chocolate fan. However, chocolate can make dogs quite poorly but luckily the Easter Bunny didn’t miss Barney off his list and he got a special doggy Easter egg. Spoilt pup.


Finally did anybody manage to watch my Vlog? Has anybody had a go at planting some sunflower seeds? My sunflower is beginning to show now and I got very excited. I have been making sure it is in a nice sunny place and I have been watering it whenever the soil starts to feel dry. Can you remember all of the things that plants need to grow?

Here is my sunflower. I can start to measure it now each day. My sunflower is 5 centimetres tall now. How tall is yours? Can you use a ruler to measure it?


Keep sending your pictures to me at I have really enjoyed seeing what you have been up to. I hope you and your families are all safe and well.


Miss Parr


Keeping up with Miss Parr! 10/04/20

Date: 10th Apr 2020 @ 4:36pm

Hey Class 2

Just checking in to see how you all are? I have received some lovely emails from you this week and it put a huge smile on my face. smiley I was so pleased to hear about all of the wonderful things you have been doing and making at home. Jada has been building fantastic models with her lego. Anthony has been enjoying time in his garden, playing on his swing. Tilly has been very busy planting in her garden and doing some amazing plant pictures, I’m super impressed! Niamh and Logan have been busy making their Easter Bonnets, which are fantastic!! Pippa has made a wonderful Easter decoration, I love it. Finally a special BIRTHDAY BOY… Tom has made an amazing Easter Bunny! Tom has celebrated his birthday whilst we have been off school, he told me he had a bouncy castle for him and his brother and sisters. Is anybody else super jealous? I know I am!! I’m glad you had a very happy birthday Tom. laugh I know there is another special birthday coming up next week. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to BENJAMIN!! I hope you have a fantastic day celebrating with your family. Don’t forget to keep checking our ‘Class 2 Catch Up’ page which will be updated regularly with pictures, so you can see what your friends have been up to and maybe even steal some ideas.

So you have all been very busy and this week I have been very busy myself. I decided to film my first ever VLOG (that’s a video blog). At first I was very nervous and had to chicken out a couple of times, but then I saw something amazing that made me realise I just had to be brave and get on with it. Last week I saw a very special video, made by a very special member of our Class. Tilly has made a wonderful video for the NHS. That’s all of the doctors, nurses, carers and many others who are working so hard to help people at the moment. Did anybody else see Tilly’s video? I am super proud of you Tilly, and extremely envious of your confidence. WELL DONE! So eventually, after seeing this I plucked up the courage (with the help of my fur baby Barney), and made a video for you all. Has anybody watched it? It’s on our Science page. Go and have a look. I have planted sunflower seeds. I know Logan has planted some too, have you had a go? How are they getting on? I still can’t see mine yet, but I know I have to wait patiently for a couple more days. If you have seen it, you will have seen my very lazy helper mostly just enjoying the sunshine. 


Also this week, I have continued to get my daily exercise with Barney. We have been enjoying our walks in the park and this week we made some new friends. Barney really wanted to play in the fields with the horses. I loved the baby calves. They were so cute. Did you know Spring time is the best time to see new born animals?


Next week, I’m going to have a go at baking. I can’t say I’ve ever been the best at baking and certainly not up to Paul Hollywood’s Bake Off standard, but it’s always good to learn new things and practise new skills. So I’ll let you know how I get on with that and hopefully it won’t be a disaster. Have you learnt any new skills while we have been off? I wonder if anyone has learnt to ride their bike, or maybe even tie their own shoe laces?

Finally, I see lots of you have already made some wonderful Easter bonnets and decorations. Keep up the hard work and don’t forget you have until 12 noon this Sunday to email your entries to me. 2 winners will be chosen and they will be announced on our Class 2 ‘Easter Competition’ page at 2pm on Sunday. I have had a go at making an Easter Bonnet too. I must admit it is much harder than it looks and takes a very long time. Are you all getting excited for Easter?


Keep sending your pictures to me at I have really enjoyed seeing what you have been up to. I hope you and your families have a wonderful Easter and the Easter Bunny brings you all lots of yummy eggs!

I will keep in touch throughout the week, for now STAY HOME and STAY SAFE.


Miss Parr



A message from Miss Dorrian

Date: 2nd Apr 2020 @ 3:52pm

Hello everybody, Miss Dorrian here! I hope you are all doing well and keeping busy through this tough and unexpected time. I must start by saying, I am so sorry for not saying goodbye to you all before I left, some of you might remember that I had to leave very quickly, well that’s because I had a plane to catch! Can anyone guess where I might be?

That’s right, IRELAND!  

Can you remember what I taught you about St Patrick’s Day and that Ireland is where I am from? Well I had to quickly get a flight back home to be with my family just like how you are all with your families and relatives right now. It is very important to be with people you love and to stay safe during times like this.

I hope you are all getting on ok with your packs that were sent home, just do a little bit each day, there is no need to rush through the packs, make sure to have fun and relax each day too. The main thing is that you are all happy, safe and healthy!

I have been quite busy since arriving back home. I am currently living with my sister, her husband and their two boys. My sister and her husband both work for the HSE (it’s the same as the NHS for you), so I am home schooling my two nephews every day! They do math and English every day just like you, but they do it all through Irish. Irish is the language that some people speak in Ireland, it’s the language of our Country. So, imagine how difficult math is for some people, well they must do it all through Irish which makes it 10 times harder!! (especially for me since I'm out of practice speaking Irish).

After teaching my nephews I do my own schoolwork, I'm in the middle of writing a big assignment for university to help me become a good teacher just like all the teachers in your school. After all my work is done for the day, I like to take a break and go for a walk with my dog- his name is Rocky and he’s a cheeky little pug! We are so lucky to have such nice weather, so make the most of it and go outside as much as you can even to play a little bit of football, fresh air is so important!

I’m so lucky to be living beside the beach and such nice scenery, it makes going for a walk that little bit easier. During the week I went for a nice walk with my two nephews on the beach and I took rocky up the hill beside my house, have a look at some of the pictures!


I’ll be in touch with Miss Parr to hear all your lovely stories of what you get up to over this time. That’s it for this week! Stay safe, and I hope to see you again very soon. Big Hugs!!!


Miss Dorrian

Keeping up with Miss Parr! 01/04/20

Date: 1st Apr 2020 @ 5:50pm

Hello Class 2

I miss you!

So, let’s start the day just like we would in class…Who can tell me what day it is today? Now I really do need you to answer this one, because I have absolutely no idea. All the days feel the same being at home, it’s confusing me! frown

So, I hope you’ve all been working away on our class project. Remember I’m expecting to receive your papier-mâché African animals in the post by tomorrow, so hopefully they’re already on their way! I can’t wait to wake up to my own African safari and set this up in my living room. There will be a cash prize for the best animal, which myself and the rest of the Parr household will be judging.

Now, does anybody know what month it is? That’s right, it’s now APRIL.

APRIL FOOLS cheeky Sorry, but I just had to!

Now I really do hope you have been working hard at home, not just on your school work but helping out around the house too! It’s important to try and stick to a routine (that includes getting out of bed and getting dressed) which I must admit I do find this difficult when the weather is miserable. If you’re finding it hard to get motivated, have a look at the daily routine tab on our class page to find some ideas of what you can do to fill your day. Luckily, the weather has been lovely throughout the last week woohoo! So, I have been making the most of it and getting out each day for my daily walk with my fur baby, Barney! He is loving having me at home each day and is becoming quite the attention seeker. I can’t sit at my laptop for 2 minutes without him wanting a cuddle. We have also been enjoying lots of time in the garden and trying to exercise as much as possible. Remember exercise = healthy body AND healthy mind!


I have missed reading your learning logs each week and finding out about all of the wonderful things you get up to outside of school. If you would like to still send me little updates to put a smile on my face, I would love that! Email me on

Also if you would like to send me any photographs of things you have made or work you have completed, even better! Email them over to me and we can have an online ‘Show & Tell’. I know how much you all love showing off in Class 2. wink

In the meantime, keep yourselves busy, stay home, stay safe and HAVE FUN!! Be nice to your families and keep in touch. I will post a blog each week letting you all know what I have been up to. Speak to you soon!


Miss Parr


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