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Happy Easter, Class 6

Date: 12th Apr 2020 @ 6:57pm

Happy Easter, Class 6!

I hope that you and your family and friends are well. Hope the Easter bunny has brought you lots of nice treats, although, as I haven’t been able to get many eggs recently, I was pleased with the real eggs my daughter dropped off for me (to dip some toasty soldiers in – yum!) If only I had some hens in my garden!!

It seems like absolutely ages since we last saw you! Mrs Smith and I are really missing seeing your faces each day.

We hope that you are taking some time each day to do a bit of reading. Maybe you could play a game of Boggle – choose 12 letters and see how many words you can make in 3 minutes. I would love to hear how many you can make. What is the longest word you can make? Email me at I will put the longest words on next week’s blog and will give out prizes when we get back to school.

I have been busy in my garden and have been going for regular walks, as well as carrying on with learning the piano. It’s getting much more tricky now as I’m starting to use my left hand. Even though it’s tempting to give up when things get hard, I’m going to carry on in the hope that I will eventually get better.

It’s been really nice to see the Easter activities you have been doing. I always knew you were a talented bunch! I wonder who is going to win the prize!

Anyway, bye for now. Take care and look after each other.

Love, Mrs Cashman x

1.4.20 Message from Mrs Cashman

Date: 1st Apr 2020 @ 11:15pm

Wednesday, 1st April 2020

Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq …! Sorry, was counting the hot dinners in French there! Old habits die hard! (If you don’t know what this means, ask someone in your house). How many children are there? France, Flag, National Flag, Nation, Country, Ensign

Anyway, it is lovely to be (sort of) speaking to you and I do hope that you and all the people you care about are happy and healthy. Please don’t forget to keep indoors except for if you’re getting your (very important) exercise outdoors.

My electronic piano arrived today, so I have been busy. It has 88 keys, the same as the piano in the school hall. I wonder how many factors of 88 you can think of – remember, factors are numbers that are multiplied together to get a number. I’ll start you off – one of them is 11. I’d love to hear your answers:

I have stuck post-it notes on each key, so that I know what the notes are (I’m not musical at all). I’m hoping that I might soon be able to take these off. I’ve learnt a few songs today (although I can only play them with the notes in front of me and the post-its on the keys). All my musical knowledge comes from Mrs Williams – “If it’s on the line, use the rhyme. If it’s in the space, use the face.” Do you remember that from last year when you did recorders? One of the songs I’ve (sort of) learnt is Jingle Bells, so I should be ready for the Christmas performance!

It would be lovely to hear any news from you by email. You could also (if you ask your parent/carer first) send any photos of what you have been up to. I know that lots of people have been making rainbow pictures to put in their windows. I’d love to see any pictures you have made. I miss being given your creations (you all know who you are!).

I hope you have been able to keep in touch with some of your friends online.  It must be really strange not seeing your school friends each day. All the school staff miss seeing each other every day too, so we do know how you feel. It will be so lovely when we can all be together again.

I hope that you have been doing some of the work in your packs. As well as those activities, it would be really useful if you could all practise telling the time. Even if you just ask your parent/carer, “Is it 5 past 2 now?” and they can tell you if you’re right.

Please keep practising your times tables on times tables rock stars. It’s been fab to see how you are getting on. Well done to one of our children who is currently 2nd on the leaderboard. You make me very proud and I know you will be very proud of yourself. If anyone has lost their login details, email me.  There are a couple of facts I’m a bit slow on (as you know, 11 x 12), so I will keep practising!!

Please keep a diary of what you have been doing, and also your thoughts and feelings. As I’ve already mentioned, you will be able to look at them when you are older. I would also love to read them when I next see you.

Finally, please, please (and another please from Mrs Smith!) read each day, even if it's only for 20 minutes or so. It is so important. 

Anyway, Bye for now. I really do look forward to hearing from you all. Please stay safe and well.

Love, Mrs Cashman x

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