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Blog numero tres (Blog number 3)

Date: 24th Apr 2020 @ 10:05am

Well – what have you all been up to?

Not a lot?


Same here really – I’ve been in school a few days with the ‘key worker’ children which has been great – a little bit of normality for me. The sun was out and about which made it all the more fun. Being at home is definitely the safest place to be but unfortunately some children have to come in to school on certain days and be ‘looked after’. On Class 7’s class page on the website, scroll down and I have added under the ‘Files to Download’ section a Covid19 Information Book – this is specifically for children and helps to explain what is happening, it is a good and informative read.

At home I have kept myself busy with some gardening and unfortunately a little decorating as my wife can be very persuasive. Believe it or not I have also completed a 1000 piece jigsaw – and before you ask, no I didn’t count all the pieces. Jigsaws are very moreish, you just can’t stop and before you know it time has really flown by. Why don’t you try one?

I hope you have visited the website and spotted all the staff keeping busy with the ‘Toilet Roll Film’ that we made. It was great fun. Did you spot the guest appearance at the end? When we return to school have a chat with Mrs. Williams about her part – I am not joking when I say the final version was her 12th attempt!!

What things have you all been doing? Bike rides and long distance walks? Baking cakes and facetiming relatives? I hope you have all been doing a little work as well. I have emailed all your parents as I am not getting a lot of replies from you – so hopefully they can give you a little nudge in the right direction, it would be great to see (by photos) and hear what you have all been up to.

You can contact me on:

Just to clear things up – this is what I would like you to work on.

  1. Watch the film ‘Skellig’ – link available on Cass 7’s page on the school website. We will discuss our thoughts and findings when we return. Some of you have watched it in class with me so you can tick this one off.
  2. The work pack I sent out with you at the beginning of the lockdown – researching a country etc.
  3. Work on the new ‘Covid19’ work pack that was delivered to your house.
  4. I have added a piece of Maths and English work (which I will do each week) to the grey tabs at the top of the Class 7 page. (They will be dated week beginning….) The English piece this week is all about the staff film!!
  6. Work on Times Table Rockstars – your times tables are so important.
  7. Make a film of what you have been up to – like the staff one, send me it and we can pop them on the school website to share.
  8. Please send me a picture of you and your pets to add to the ‘Share a Smile’ Blog – so far my Murphy is on there and Bailey’s Maddie so we do need more!
  9. Stay safe!!!

Any problems, questions etc please do not hesitate to contact me.




Blog numero dois. (Blog number two)

Date: 13th Apr 2020 @ 3:10pm

  help! -no body is speaking to me!!!

I haven’t had a single reply from anyone in class 7 and I’m fed up!!

So please, please contact me and let me know what you have all been up to since our last days in school.

Contact me on


I hope you all had the best Easter that you could have and are completely stuffed from the numerous Easter Eggs that you all received – as you know I’m not a great chocolate lover so I’m only on egg number 6!!

How are you doing with the work that was set?

Are you working your way through the folder of work and the tasks that you were asked to do?

Keep checking on the Class 7 page for new updates of work to be completed.

If you get stuck on anything then let me know – I can help …..I’m a teacher!!!

Well done Maizie for your fantastic Times Tables effort and becoming a fully-fledged ‘Rock Star’. C’mon the rest of you – see if you can catch her up!!

Let me know your thoughts on the film ‘Skellig’ – the link is on the Class 7 homepage. I am really interested in your views as I know you all really enjoyed the book and I am always harping on about how the books are better than the film versions of them.

At the moment I am thinking really carefully as to our next Power of Reading text – I certainly hope that it is every bit as great as Skellig.

I’ll write again soon – please do contact me and each other.

Don’t forget to enter the ‘Share a Smile’ pet competition – my Murphy is getting lonely being the only pet there!!

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Share a Smile!

Date: 2nd Apr 2020 @ 10:52am

Share a smile!

We all know how much we love our pets and how they all make us smile – whether they are a fluffy dog, a sleepy cat, a beautifully feathered budgie or even a scaly chameleon.

So – why don’t you send your pictures to me and we’ll start a class page with them all on – and put a smile on all our faces.

I am really looking forward to seeing Norman and Percy the ‘naughty’ dapple dachshunds.

Email pictures to:

Blog numero um. (Blog number one)

Date: 1st Apr 2020 @ 12:16pm

Wednesday 1st April

Catch Up 1.

And a very ‘Good Afternoon’ to you all.

The idea behind this blog is for me to keep you all up to date with what’s happening with me and hopefully me with you!

So do please stay in contact. It is a two way communication link so please feel free to contact me and I will endeavour to answer your questions (if you have any) and look forward to finding out what you have all been up to.

I hope all is well and you are all behaving at home during this extremely strange time.  In all my years (all 83 of them) I have never known anything even slightly like it.

It’s so strange isn’t it not seeing each other every day and spending the majority of the school hours together. I obviously can’t say that I miss you all - as I have a reputation to keep up - and I don’t want any of the other classes knowing that deep down I’m a BIG SOFTY ….so please don’t tell!

It has been a real bonus with us having such great weather at the moment hasn’t it – although today has been a little drizzly where I am. Murphy doesn’t have to get up at the darkish, daft o’clock hour of 6.00am for his morning walk, he can sleep and snore for an extra hour or two. I hope that you have all been doing exercise of some sort - whether it’s been taking your dogs for a walk, running around the garden or bouncing 3,481 times on a trampoline –it’s so important.

My wife has been working from home as well, so instead of making Mrs. Scott endless cups of tea I have to remember to add half a sugar to hers, if I don’t want to get into trouble that is. I hope you have all been helping out at home, washing the dishes or drying them, loading the dishwasher, reading to your younger siblings or even - shock horror - making your own bed!

Send me photos and I’ll share them on the class page on the school website for us all to see.

Weekends are so strange aren’t they? Not being able to follow your normal routines. I usually play golf or Olivia, our 9 month old granddaughter, comes to visit. Both of these are a 'no-go’ and it is really sad – especially missing golf – only kidding. So please children do keep in contact with your wider families – thankfully we have all the technology nowadays which makes it so easy not just to hear them but to see them as well. It does mean so much to them. And remember that we are all fit and healthy – there are so many people much, much worse off than we are, so please do remember this when you are feeling a little fed up and sad.

Well, what have you all been up to?

I can see that a lot of you have been on TTRockstars and are improving all the time – If you haven’t please do get on it! Knowing your times tables makes a huge difference.

Have you watched the film ‘Skellig’ yet? – the link is on our (Class 7’s) home page.

What did you think? What parts did you enjoy and why? How was it different to the book? Did these changes improve the story or not? Let me know please – feel free to email pictures and documents – I’d love to read your thoughts about it.

I will be ‘blogging’ again soon with updates – in the meantime keep working hard on the Ancient Greece work and following the White Rose Maths on the Home Learning Links tab.

I’ll be off now. Take care and please do contact me.

Stay safe and be good.

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