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Class 9 Catch Up 22.5.20

Date: 22nd May 2020 @ 9:11am

Good Morning Class 9,

 Hope you and your families are all well at home. Are we all keeping ourselves busy? I haven’t heard from many of you recently! 

It would be great to hear from some more of you. Please feel free to email me at 

I have continued to walk down the canal this week and am happy to report that the ducklings are now fully fledged ducks. We cannot believe how much they have grown. Have any of you ‘shot up’ in height?

So, what have you been up to? Has anybody learnt anything new? Has anybody mastered a new skill? I have been trying my hardest to learn something new each week and have completed some online training to increase my qualifications. You can use this time at home to do things you wouldn’t usually have time to do. My wife has used her time off work to bake lots of delicious treats. I am loving them, however I am sure my waistline is not.

Have you been tuning into the Knowsley School Sport Partnership Challenges? This week the focus is yoga. Yoga is a great way to stretch your muscles and relax simultaneously (at the same time). Mrs Melville (Class 1) really enjoyed completing the challenge and made it look really easy, however I can assure you it is much harder than she has made it look. Give it a go!

One last thing: Keep logging into TTRockstars as it will really help you improve the speed of your multiplication and division facts. Mrs Williams’ keeps telling me how good Class 4 are on the game and I want us to show everybody how good we are. So come on Class 9 – log on and gain us some points!!!

I look forward to hearing from some more of you this week.

Keep safe and stay active,

Mr Mawson

Class 9 Catch Up 4.5.20

Date: 4th May 2020 @ 2:59pm

Good Afternoon Class 9,


Hope you and your families are all well at home. Are we all keeping ourselves busy? I find the days drag when I am doing nothing and they fly by when something is occupying my mind.


It has been lovely to hear from some of you again this week. Thank you for all of the entries for the ‘Film Competition’ too. We had lots of entries as a class and every single entry made me smile.


I have had another busy week this week, however most of my week has been spent indoors, as the weather has not been as nice as the previous week. I have spent a lot of time reading my book and looking up new recipes to try out. My next attempt at cooking is coming up; I am attempting Chinese style Salt and Pepper Chicken. I have been craving it for weeks and I decided that I am going to attempt cooking it for myself. It is fair to say that my wife is nervous, as I am not the best at cooking – except for my chocolate chip cookies. I will let you all know how I get on next week.


What have you been up to? Has anybody learnt anything new? Has anybody realised that they have a hidden talent? I have – I am literally never full up and always hungry. I am actually debating getting a lock for the fridge and cupboard doors.


This Friday is VE Day or 'Victory in Europe Day. It marks the day towards the end of World War Two (WW2) when fighting against Nazi Germany in Europe came to an end. On 8 May 1945, Prime Minister Winston Churchill made an announcement on the radio at 3pm that the war in Europe had come to an end, following Germany's surrender the day before. It was an emotional day that millions of people had been waiting for. This year is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Are any of you doing anything to celebrate VE Day? You may even chose to wear Red, White and Blue Clothes on that day or design ‘thank you’ posters to our soldiers of WWII. Mrs Williams has helped organise a “stay at home street party” for all the people in her road to celebrate – how good is that!


Your English and Topic home learning tasks are all based around VE Day. All of the information for your tasks can be found under the ‘Home Learning Week Beginning 4.5.20’ tab on our Class 9 page.


This week’s Knowsley School Sport Challenge is an indoor challenge – “Sock-ia.” A play on words of the Paralympic Sport Boccia, however instead of bowling balls we use socks. Check it out here - it is great fun 


Finally, you will remember a few weeks ago, I mentioned in my blog about Captain Tom Moore. He aimed to walk a hundred lengths of his back garden (which is 25m in length) before he was 100 years old. He completed that challenge and raised an amazing amount of money for charity. Well children, I am delighted and proud to announce that we have our own fundraising hero in Class 9 – Harrison. Through Zoom, and with the help of some of his Martial Arts Group, Harrison completed the ‘1000 Kick Challenge.’ In doing this, he helped raise a fantastic £1000 for the NHS. Harrison on behalf of Class 9 – well done and thank you for being such a thoughtful individual.


I think that’s a lovely way to sign off this blog.

I look forward to hearing from some more of you this week.

Keep safe and stay active,

Mr Mawson

Class 9 Catch Up 26.4.20

Date: 26th Apr 2020 @ 1:43pm

Good Afternoon Class 9,

Where has that week gone? Is it just me that feels as though the hours drag during the day but the weeks just fly by? Very strange!


How has your week been? Have you kept yourself busy? Are we all enjoying this lovely sunny weather? If you are outside, make sure you are keeping yourself “Sun Safe” e.g. sunscreen, hat, sun glasses etc. Sorry, I couldn’t resist -must be the teacher in me!


I am happy to report that I have received lots more updates from you this week – which is great. Leighton has been busy completing his school work and challenges set by his Goalkeeping Coach. Who knows we may see him in goal for Liverp….. Sorry I meant Everton very soon. He has also been observing the planet Venus in his garden with all of his family – sipping hot chocolate. How good is that? Harrison has mastered cooking crumpets and sausages and has promised that he will make us all sausage butties for snack when we return – just kidding. Jack, has been busy relaxing in his hot tub in the garden, enjoying the glorious April sun and Max has been helping his dad in the garden, passing him heavy bricks and mixing cement. What an active class we have! Remember please feel free to email me and keep me updated with how you are doing or what you have been up to at


This week, I have continued to walk daily, along the canal. Each day, we see the mother duck and her ducklings and they are growing rapidly. Pretty soon I would imagine they’ll be free from their mother and able to roam up and down the canal as they please. Have any of you grown? I bet some of you look really tall compared to when we last met in school.



I have also spent the week busy on the laptop planning some exciting lesson plans for future topics. I have really missed standing in front of you all and watching you engage in a new topic or concept. It doesn’t really have the same effect when I do it with the guinea pigs – they just expect some more salad wink


This lovely weather has really encouraged me to complete more exercise. I don’t have much fitness equipment at home – I usually rely on the gym for that so I have made use of things found around the house. It is amazing what you can do with some tins of beans and a tea towel. Give it a try!!


Has anybody been completing the challenges set by Knowsley School Sport Partnership? We are up to Week 3 already! However, there is nothing to stop you from revisiting previous week’s challenges if you want to push yourself or you are bored. This week’s challenge is a mini Pentathlon Challenge. How many events do you think that is Class 9? Think about the shape that sounds similar and how many sides it has. That’s right you got it – 5. Check it out on the website or school twitter page and have some home based active fun.


I hope you have had chance to visit the school website and have watched the staff “Toilet Roll Film.” We really enjoyed filming it. Did you spot the guest appearance at the end by Mr Woods? How well does he look! If you have any spare time why don't you try and make a film, even better than the staff one, showing us how you've been keeping busy at home and showing off your IT skills. Closing date for entries is Friday 1st May and you can email all of your entries to me at


On Class 9’s class page on the website, I have added under the ‘Files to Download’ section a Covid19 Information Book. This is aimed at children and helps to explain what is happening and may answer any questions that you may have. Knowing Class 9 like I do – there will be lots wink


Finally, in relation to work and expectations – please do not feel obliged to complete all work set. You have lots to work with and I know being the dedicated children that you are, you are doing your best. The new work pack that was recently delivered to your house “Covid19” is a great activity to keep yourself busy. This period of time will be talked about for years to come and it would be a lovely idea to document some of your feelings/experiences during it. Each week, one piece of Maths and one piece of English will be added to the Class page (all dated week beginning…..) However, these are just additional pieces of work that can be completed at your own leisure. Any questions or problems please do not hesitate to contact me.


That’s all from me! Please remain in touch and please stay safe,

Until next time,

Mr Mawson

Class 9 Catch Up 18.4.20

Date: 18th Apr 2020 @ 2:59pm

Hello Class 9,

I hope that you are all staying safe and feeling healthy. I have had some fantastic emails this last week that have really made me smile. Thank you so much to those children who have been in touch.

It would be great to hear from some more of you. Please feel free to email me at


I hope you had a fantastic Easter and received lots of eggs. Sadly, all of the eggs that I received were no more by the evening of Easter Sunday – I couldn’t help myself. However, my wife still has a few Crème Eggs left that I can tuck into when she goes to bed.

Have any of you decided to make anything with your eggs? I melted one of my eggs and had it for breakfast – with a few mini eggs added for good luck – it was delicious.


So what have you been up to this last week? I received a lovely email from Harrison who has been busy building a go kart in the garden with his dad – how good is that! Has anybody else made anything using materials found lying around the house? Check out this one below!


I have spent this week trying to be really active and have completed a 5 mile walk most days along the canal. It is a really nice place to walk – especially when it’s sunny. On the days I have not walked, I have done other bits of exercise. On Wednesday, I completed a 5km run as I was nominated to by my friend. Once I had completed it, I donated £5 to charity and nominated 5 of my friends to complete it. Have any of you seen this taking place on social media? Have any of your parents or family members been nominated for it yet? It is a fantastic way to raise money for charity as it also improves each individual’s physical and mental health.


This morning, I completed a Zoom fitness session with some of my teammates from my football team. It was really fun and was a great way to see each other again. Have any of you used social media to connect with your friends or family? Hopefully if you have, it is all done with your mum and dad’s permission.


Has anybody tried the Knowsley School Sport Partnership challenges yet? They are fantastic and really good fun. Some of the teachers have attempted them and have posted some amazing scores. Have a go when you get a chance. All information can be found here:


Finally, have you all been keeping track of Captain Tom Moore’s fantastic charity campaign? What an unbelievable man he is – an absolute hero and role model!

He aimed to walk a hundred lengths of his back garden (which is 25m in length) before he was 100 years old. On Thursday 16th April, Captain Tom Moore completed his final 10 laps out of his 100. This was captured on platforms including the BBC and ITV.

So far, Captain Moore has raised a whopping £22,890,256 (and rising) for the NHS staff and volunteers caring for Covid 19 patients. In fact, as I type the amount has already increased. He children, is a real life superhero.


I think that is a great way to sign off this blog.

I look forward to hearing from some more of you this week.

Keep safe and stay active,

Mr Mawson

Class 9 Catch Up 10.4.20

Date: 10th Apr 2020 @ 7:48am

Good Morning and Happy Good Friday Class 9

I hope you’re all still staying safe and isolating as we’ve been advised. I know the urge is there to escape and play out with your friends but it is vital that you do not.

It has been lovely hearing from some of you this last week. I know some of you have been extremely busy and have completed lots of the activities from the home learning booklets. I would love to see some of the projects you are completing based on a country of your choosing! Please feel free to email me some pics to

However, this week and next week are the Easter holidays therefore take some time off from completing work laugh You all deserve a break but don’t tell Miss Hindmarsh I said that cheeky

What else have you been up to? Has anybody learnt anything new?! I’ve learnt how to bake chocolate chip cookies - they are amazingsmiley I would offer to bake some for snack but I can’t promise they’ll make it out of the house and into school in one piece. Even if I manage to get them that far, I still need to avoid Mrs Williams (Class 4) with them. Mission impossible if you ask me wink


Due to having some extra time on my hands (no idea why wink) I’ve read lots. I have learnt lots of new words that I would never usually use and I’ve been trying to use them in conversation with my wife and parents (when on the phone). I can tell that they have no idea what the words mean so they just nod along. Who’s ever done that before when you’re not sure of something? Hopefully not too many of you during my lessons cheeky

I have really enjoyed the chance to spend some additional time with my two pets; Timon and Pumba. Don’t worry they are not a meerkat and a warthog they are two guinea pigs. They never stop making noises especially when you enter the kitchen. In fact, they have alerted my wife on numerous occasions this last week, of my trips to the fridge for a little snack. You cannot eat a packet of crisps in peace without them wheeking and squeaking and chewing the bars (yes really). They really remind me of Miss Scott and Mr Tennant as they always come alive whenever food is around. Here they are below posing for the camera.

As I mentioned last time, my wife and I have been walking daily for some exercise. We really enjoy our walk and the chance to stretch our legs and clear our heads - I really recommend it. Have any of you been on any nice walks this week? We witnessed a lovely sight a few days ago which is shown below. All of the ducklings followed their mother to a new resting place. We couldn’t believe how fast they were travelling - the duckling's little legs must have been kicking so fast.


Has anybody used this time in the house to tidy their bedrooms? Or have a clear out? I have tidied the shed as there were lots of things just thrown in there that shouldn’t have been e.g. old folders and files. It took me a few hours but I felt great once I had cleared it all out – also helped to kill a few hours.

During these uncertain times staying physically active is a fantastic way to look after both your physical and mental health. I know lots of you have been accessing the daily PE sessions with Joe Wicks and that is a great way of breaking up the boredom of isolation. Knowsley Schools Sports Partnership are promoting physical activity to all young people across the borough by each week devising weekly programmes of fun, physical activity ideas and personal challenges that can be completed at home, with little or no equipment. Keep an eye out under the ‘News items’ tabs for regular updates of these. I have attempted some myself and there is even video evidence wink

I hope you are still finding Times Table Rockstars good fun and are challenging yourselves regularly? I have accepted an invitation from Millbrook Community Primary School for entry to a ‘Top of the Rocks’ competition - starts TODAY. Therefore get practising and log on and attempt the challenge. Ensure you tell as many people from school about it in case they haven’t seen the notification – the more children that sign on, the more points we will score (there is an Alan Peat sentence for you) wink

Finally, at this time of year in school we would normally have our Easter Bonnet competition, but now because we know you're all safe at home, let us see what Easter themed crafts you can make from things you have around your house.  Prizes will be awarded for the most original in each class. Upload pictures of your bonnets, Easter wreaths for your front doors, drawings etc. to our new twitter page for work @KceSafe or email me directly on

I look forward to seeing your creations. Stay safe and speak to you soon,

Mr Mawson yes

Class 9 Catch Up 1.4.20

Date: 1st Apr 2020 @ 10:44am

smileyHello Class 9!smiley

You're now approaching two weeks off school and I hope you have found lots of things to keep you busy? I have really missed seeing you all and watching you mature into young adults ready for secondary school. All feels very strange!

The weather has been warm and fairly sunny this week, so I've made the most out of it and spent lots of time in the garden. However, the downside to that is that my wife expects me to complete lots of jobs e.g. mow the lawn, tidy up the borders and pull up the weeds - not really my cup of tea. I found a school football in the boot of my car so playing with that has been a good way to break up the jobs but Mrs Mawson was not too impressed when I hit her favourite plantpot - more practise needed cheeky Have any of you been playing in the garden?

As we are only allowed outside once a day for our daily exercise, my wife and I have been going for a daily walk along the Leeds and Lverpool canal. We go nice and early to ensure that we see as few as people as possible (due to social distancing measures - not to be rude wink). We have both loved seeing all of the ducks on our travels (they are really funny to watch) and we even spotted a swan. Have any of you been on any nice walks? Have you spotted all of the Rainbow pictures in people's windows? Have you made any?

I have completed a few sessions with Joe Wicks and must say I found them a lot harder than I expected. Those lunges and 'bunny jumps' are a killer. You most definitely feel them the next day! Have any of you been tuning into them? Has anybody completed every session? You must feel like Superman now if you have! 

How are you getting on with your learning packs? Remember - 'A little a day ensures the brain doesn't go away' - I've just made that up but it works I guess wink

I hope you’re enjoying TTRockstars? I’ve been playing it and have gotten quicker - however I have to admit defeat to Miss Parr in Class 5 - she is just too good. I’ve had quite a few Rockslams with some of you and some of the teachers too. Have a go at challenging me or them to a 1-1  battle on the 'Multiplayer tab.'

Maybe you could learn something new while you’re off school? Could you learn to cook a meal or Mr Mawson's dinner? Learn some German to congratulate Jurgen Klopp on his Premier League win? Learn to fasten your shoelaces - so I don't have to fasten 20 children's laces before football practice? wink The world is your oyster!

I don't know about you but I have missed seeing you all complete your 'Daily 4 Rules Challenge.' Therefore, I have included one below for you to attempt if you wish. You can send your answers or a picture of your completed sums to me via email which can be found at the bottom of the blog.

If you would like to send me a quick message to say 'Hi' or tell me what you've been up to, I'd love to hear from you. You can email me  -

Feel free to send over any completed 4 Rules Challenges too. 

Keep yourselves and your loved ones safe by staying home. 

Miss you all,

Mr Mawson yes

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