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Hello From Mr Mawson

Date: 6th Oct 2020 @ 3:36pm

Hello Class 9,


I hope you are all staying safe and working your socks off in school?


Miss McCreesh tells me that you are all doing really well and learning lots. 


I hope you are enjoying our topics this half term and finding them interesting. We are in a really fortunate position that we have three fellow classmates, who can give us extra information, about what life is like in South America. 


I really miss you all and am looking forward to seeing you all soon.


I'm sure the majority of you know, my wife had a little girl called Ivy-Rose. Both my wife and Ivy-Rose are doing great although my daughter is doing her best to keep us both up at night wink We wouldn't change her for the world though heart



Anyways, that's it from me. Keep working hard and staying safe and I will see you soon.


Mr Mawson



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