A new PE kit is on its way!

From September 2021 on PE days the children in years 1-6 (classes 1-9) will no longer need to come into school wearing their uniform and change into their PE kits. This will give us all more valuable time actually involved in the physical activities themselves rather than the time spent on getting changed.

As such we liaised with our school wear providers Kids Kirkby and LiverPrint (who will be selling the new PE attire) and the children themselves to see what they wanted to wear.

Looking at the photographs below - I am sure that you will agree how smart the children will look on their PE days all wearing the new PE wear.

White Kirkby CE t-shirts are to be worn underneath and during warm weather and indoor sessions children can quickly change into shorts.

The cost of the silky hoodie and the tracksuit bottoms will be approx £25 a set which is excellent value..

Whilst the new tracksuit is not compulsory if the children do not wear it on PE days, they must bring their PE kit with them or wear plain black tracksuit bottoms, their PE t-shirt and their school jumper, other coloured tracksuits are not permitted.


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