29.1.21 - Zoom Drawing Class

Hi Everybody

Happy Friday!

We just had a Zoom Drawing Class, where we followed instructions from Rob Biddulph (Draw with Rob) on how to draw a sausage dog (see photos below). Well done, everybody!

Our creations were fantastic and it was very enjoyable (Mrs Smith has been busy, as you can see!)

We would recommend the site. Click here to go straight to it. If you want to do the same picture as us, choose the sausage dog. Send me a photo for the website when you’ve finished, or you can send any pictures to david.tennant@kirkbyce.co.uk

Thank you to the children who have been sending me the photos of the 30-Day Reading Challenge. Keep up the excellent work!

Happy drawing/reading and have a great weekend. We're off to do another Rob drawing.

Mrs McCombs and Mrs Smith


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