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Home Learning

Autumn 1

Dear parents,

As you are aware over the past six weeks we have delivered a recovery curriculum due to the current Covid 19 pandemic. This curriculum was inclusive of all the seven areas of learning in the Early Years Outcomes Statutory guidance (see Home Learning for the link to the Statutory Guidance)

Activities You Can Do Outside With Your Child

With the above information in mind, you may be wondering about some of the activities you can do with your child during our temporary lockdown. The number of activities is endless. Below are just a few examples of great outdoor activities:



Activity Ideas

  • Go for a nature walk and encourage discovery
  • Set up an obstacle course
  • Play parachute
  • Try a messy art or craft outside using natural materials, stick, stones, leaves
  • Observe and identify all the sounds you hear for examples a bird calling, an aeroplane overhead, leaves falling, rain dripping this all supports Phase 1 Phonics
  • Read a book outside or tell a tale

The natural world enhances our enquiring minds

Remember parents that the activity doesn’t have to be perfect. Simple activities like observing the leaves change, jumping in rain or muddy puddles, or watching the seagulls peck at the ground for worms can be all that you need to provide a valuable and lasting experience with the outdoors.

Good luck with your rich experiential learning and please email any photos, drawing or experiences to lisa.mcphillips@kirkbyce.co.uk


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