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We are using White Rose Maths and by now you should be used to this lesson format. If you feel like you need a different or further explanation, try out the BBC Bitesize page which offers extra guidance linked to White Rose Maths scheme.

Here are the links to this week's Maths lessons. The videos (click the links below) will tell you all you need to know then there are worksheets below for each one.

Year 5

Monday - What is a Fraction?

Tuesday - Equivalent Fractions

Wednesday - More Equivalent Fractions

Thursday - Fractions Greater Than 1

Friday - Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Year 6

Monday - Equivalent Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Tuesday - Order Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Wednesday - Percentage of an Amount

Thursday - More Percentages of an Amount

Friday - Percentages - Missing Values

Remember to go on TimesTable Rockstars to improve your knowledge of times tables and related division facts, very useful this week!



Year 5-Words containing the spelling 'ear'.
Year 6- Words beginning with the prefix 'trans'.

Look over the spellings provided and take time to learn them this week. There is also a short spelling activity sheet to complete based on the spellings given. You could even ask a parent or sibling to test you on the spellings at the end of the week. Feel free to email me your scores!


Grammar- Verbs and tenses

Please follow the link, to guide you to this week’s grammar lesson where we will be looking at using the past, present and future tense to modify the verb in the sentence. Watch the videos along with completing the activities in the order that follows, you will need a pen and a piece of paper for some of the activities.


Anne Frank Biography

This week in English, we are going to be learning about a famous young lady during World War 2, Anne Frank. Please watch the video below which will give you an insight into who Anne Frank was and that life that she lived during the awful time of the war, then complete the activities that are in more detail on the document 'English Activity- Anne Frank' at the bottom of this page.


This week, we are going to be starting a new science top; Adaptations. What is an adaptation? Don't worry, you are about to learn! We are going to be following the Oak Academy Learning Scheme for science, please follow the link (
Lesson 1) , which will direct you to the lesson that you will be starting with this week; What is adaptation? 
The details to the structure of this lesson can be found on the document attached below: 'Science- What is Adaption?'. 


This week's work is on Rationing, something that effected a lot of peoples lives during WW2. We would like you to look at the powerpoint that can be found attached to your class page and complete two activities. 

Activity 1- Complete two weekly food plans- one including the food you would eat now and one including what you would eat during the war, there is a cookbook attached that might give you some inspiration of what meals would be eaten during the war.

Activity 2- Complete questions based on the information on the powerpoint or your own research. Please remember to write full sentences when answering the questions.



Last week you should have been able to log on to YUMU by Charanga (our at-home music provision) and should have started to learn the song Make You Feel My Love by Adele. Log on this week using the same details and have a go at the activities on Step 2. You'll be listening to the original version of the song this week, sung by Bob Dylan. He actually wrote and recorded the song in the first place and it was covered by Adele a few years later. What can you find out about Bob Dylan? Can you find out any more songs that he wrote and recorded? Ask your parents and grandparents, they're sure to have heard of him!



This week we'd like you to look at the passages in the Bible that tell the story of the Last Supper. Just like if you were to tell the story of something that happened to you, the versions written by Jesus' disciples were all slightly different. Read three of them and see what similarities and differences you can find. How do they describe the part when Jesus shares the bread and the wine? Link to The Last Supper Bible verses.


It was great to see so many of you on the previous PE session zoom. It is important that during lockdown we all stay as active as possible as it also helps to improve our general mood.

The next session is Friday 29th January. The details for the next PE zoom meeting have been emailed out to you. It would be great to see even more of you on this one.



We hope that you're all staying safe and well at home. It's great to see so many of you on our class Zooms, keep sending us pictures of your completed work and also keep us up to date of any achievements you're particularly proud of. Enjoy Drawing with Rob and counting the birds in this weekend's RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. We'll see you all soon. smiley

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