By Practising a little and often your children will be fluent in their time tables in no time!


Times table Rock stars

Timetable Rock stars is a wonderful and exciting tool to learn them all important timetable skills.

Please download the app, or simple play online, but most importantly keep practising!

If you think you’re up to it why not battle against Miss Cleary (Wednesday Turner)?


Play Garage if you want to follow the automatic order of learning your tables. This will give you a good grounding and the confidence to challenge others. Occasionally, I may change the setting from automatic to manual if there's a particular times table I want the class to focus on.

Play Studio if you want to see your name on the leader board as it gives you an average speed for each question. The more you play, the quicker you will be.

Play Sound check if you want to challenge yourself to get below that magic 6 second target. Accuracy is more important here than speed.

Play Rock slam if you want to challenge a particular person. Well done to those of you that have accepted and played the challenge I sent them. Feel free to challenge me too. 



If you would like a little bit of a different challenge, why not try NumBots. Using the same log in details as Times Table rock stars.

This games stills supports multiplication learning but through different challenges and making a robot. Each part of the robot can be upgraded by correctly answering questions relating to different tables.

Story Mode – play here to practise key skills and get better at your number bonds and calculations. Story Mode is set out as a series of 18 Stages (Rust, Tin, Iron etc and ending in Diamond) and containing levels, a bit like Angry Birds. Rust is the first Stage and level 1 is unlocked, so this is the place for everyone to start. To unlock the next level, you need to earn two stars by showing how well you‘ve understood it. The more accurate and faster your answers are, the more stars and coins you’ll get.

Challenge Mode – play here to get quicker at recalling key facts. You will get better at doing things like number bonds to 10, doubling small numbers or adding & taking away in your head. You will be working against the clock! There are 20 challenge levels and only the first is unlocked to begin with. You will be answering quick-fire questions to test your skill set and earn gold coins and trophies. 

Hit the Button

If you feel your children are struggling with more basic maths areas of maths, then Hit the Button is another wonderful app which can easily support learning in a fun way.


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