Muddy Puddles

Why is play in mud important?

Allowing children to play with mud is more common now in early year’s settings. Previously many people were reluctant to let children play in mud, however people views have changed over time. Mud play is now recognised as a source of learning as there are vast learning opportunities during mud play.

KCE Nursery and Reception 

Our early years settings have  a mud kitchen which is great for allowing the children to explore mud play further whilst developing their imagination skills. The mud kitchen is  a basic kitchen in our setting consisting of just bowls and spoons and other kitchen utensils to whip up a delicious worm soup!

The joy!

Children can have so much fun playing with mud. They can develop their creativity and whilst playing pretend play with their peers. To children mud play is another resource that they can use to help them learn new writing, language and personal skills.

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