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Elara has had fun doing her home learning this week, but she really enjoyed the zoom, she loved getting to see everyone. We loved Listening to Miss O’Nions stories but most of all  singing away to the “Tricky Words” video.

Joshua's mum says “ Thanks, 😀and thank you for all the support as well.”

Jacob’s mum says “The online guide is really useful thank you for your help.”

 Harper is really enjoying Miss O’Nions story time too - thank you!

Alfie has enjoyed his home schooling this week and he has loved story time with Miss O'Nions

"Miss O’Nions we have enjoyed all your stories again this week particularly peace at last😃 and the The Gruffalo, I even picked that to read as my first 30 day challenge picture. We must have been having a Julia Donaldson week as I have also have been reading the Smartest Giant in Town and Charlie Cooks favourite Book, Ruby read this to me as she also loves this one". 

"Thanks a lot, it’s great to zoom and see Miss Nieman & the other children as well. We are enjoying your story time, we’ve made a playlist of them and add on, once you do it. We are one of your subscribers 😀. You’ve become a star overnight 😀, I watch it with both Moses & Joshua , on tv for some quiet  family moments ..nice to have your smiley face on our screen ...thanks for all the hardwork "

Archie’s mum says Thanks for all your support with the phone calls and zoom class everyweek x 

Penelope says She’s loves to see Miss Nieman every Tuesday and looks forward to it.

Jacob's mum says We are loving the zooms thank you for all of your hard work.

Hannah’s mum said, Thank you so much for all your advice and home schooling help this term, you all and all the staff at the school should be truly proud of yourself you are doing a fantastic job.

As a new family to the school, the support we have had just confirms that I made the right school choice for Olivia and I know that she is very happy there.

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