Parental Feeback on home learning-Spring 1

Thank you to our supportive families.

Our parents sharing their children’s learning

Spring 1



Hi Miss,


I have been working hard to get my team house points, I'm not in the lead today Robyn is winning so far but I still have dinner , bath and bed time to go so I might just pull it back!


I didn't really want to get dressed, but my mum said that's ok for today.


I did draw around some household objects and I painted them, I like to mix the colours to make a new colour. I also made bracelets; I completed a jigsaw about the animals of the world including penguins. I painted a penguin and made a play dough penguin too.


Here’s some pictures


Love from Amelia 



Good morning Mrs Mcphillips,


Alfie wanted to send a message to say he is missing school and all his friends’ loads! 

He has been working really hard at home practicing to write his name, we used dot-to-dot to help us.


Good afternoon our fabulous teachers,


It's Jacob and Connie here we have done some maths today, we have done some counting to 5 and 9 by drawing circles and triangles colouring them in 5 and 9 different colours.

We have sent you a picture.


We miss you lots and hope to see you soon.


Lots of love 

Jacob and Connie xxx


Hi Mrs McPhillips 


It’s Hayley, 


I wanted to show you what I’ve been up to whilst I’ve been at home, I’ve been learning how to write my name, and learning my numbers I’m on 1-7 now. I’ve also growth spurt too so I’m getting bigger now.  



Hi Miss,


  1. you 🎉 I got a new iPad, and more toys & books had a great day thanks you x


Hi Ms McPhillips

Oliver wanted to show you something as he has made this week.

Oliver has made a boat using magnets. We talked about what he wanted to make and we counted the number of pieces we were going to need and we worked together to build it. As you can see from the picture he was very pleased. Oliver really likes vehicles, planes etc. So we made a rocket too.

  1. Mrs McPhillips, Miss Nieman and Miss O’Nions

    Hope you have had a good week. I have been super busy again, this week we did lots of arts and crafts because it was so wet it was difficult to get outside. So I made a butterfly using different shapes and materials, we also painted and decorated some stones and made chocolate lollies which were yummy.
    When we could get outside I have enjoyed going on big long walks, going the park, jumping in puddles and I was so excited when it snowed on Saturday. Ruby and I went out in the garden but it was more like ice than snow but we still had lots of fun.
    This week I have also enjoyed joining in with some of my sister’s home learning, she had a music class where we listened, tapped the beat and sang a song, and she had to make some words out of things you find round the house, so we decided to work together to spell kind. I also joined in her zoom pe lesson on Wednesday which was lots of fun.
    Miss O’Nions we have enjoyed all your stories again this week particularly peace at last😃 and the The Gruffalo, I even picked that to read as my first 30 day challenge picture. We must have been having a Julia Donaldson week as I have also have been reading the Smartest Giant in Town and Charlie Cooks favourite Book, Ruby read this to me as she also loves this one.

    Look forward to seeing you all on zoom Wednesday.

    Love Daisy x

    Thank you for all your lovely emails and phone call Mrs McPhillips the girls were thrilled.
    The weeks are flying and I really didn’t appreciate the difference the good weather we had in the first lockdown last year but we are still getting outside and keeping the girls as busy and active as we can. Hope you are all safe and well.



Jacob and Connie’s number bonds to 5 and 10 xx