HI Class 4,

I hope you are all reading LOADS and really enjoying it.

Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.


Keep reading your favourite books but if you've read everything on your bookcase, why not try some of these sites that have really good FREE books on for you to enjoy. Try them anyway!!


Image result for oxford owl ebooks Oxford Owl ebooks. Login =  Class 4 KCE Password = chocolate 

Image result for readonmyon A massive collection of books to suit all tastes

Storyline Online A brilliant catalogue of stories brought alive by famous Amerian actors and actresses


First News - First News is an award-winning national UK newspaper for children, read at home or in school, with 2.2 million readers every week. is a fantastic newspaper written just for children. 


How many books can you read from Y3's or Y4's must read list?

Print off the checklist below for Y3 and Y4 see how many you can get through this year. 

Good luck and ENJOY.


E-books Websites

Check out the following sites for e-books, a lot of which are FREE.

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