Year 2 SPaG Bundle - 10 week block | Teaching Resources

What is SPaG?

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

Children learn and practise spellings each week and are taught age appropriate punctuation and grammar.

They will be tested on this when they are in Year 6. 


Do you know what a fronted adverb is? Or a drop in clause?  What's the difference between a modal verb and an auxillery verb? There's sooooo much to learn!


Things might be very different these days but don't panic.

Help is at hand.

Please see the attached handy guide for those of you wishing to brush up on your grammar and support your children with the challenging new expectations! 

Grammar Glossary

Parents' Guide to Grammar booklet



Every name is called a noun,

Like field and fountain, street and town.


In place of a noun the pronoun stands,

Like he and she will clap their hands.


A verb is an action, something done,

Like read or write or jump or run.


How things are done the adverb tells,

Like quickly, slowly, badly, well.


An adjective describes a thing,

A small, brown dog, a golden ring.


A preposition shows time or place,

Like in an hour or on your face.


Connectives join two parts together

So sentences can go on forever

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