Spellings will be set each Monday to be practised all week and tested the following Monday.

A summary list of all spellings throughout the year can be found in the files below or alternatively,

click here for Y3 spelling lists

 and here for Y4 spelling lists.


Children will be receiving a BIG book of spellings for the whole year that has every spelling set for the year.

It will also provide the opportunity to practise their cursive handwriting. If misplaced for any reason,

click here to access Y3 BIG book of spelling 

and click here to access Y4 BIG book of spelling.


I've also attached the Y3/4 Statutory Spelling List for you to look at. 

These are words that children are expected to know how to spell by the end of Year 4. 

These will be included as part of the children's weekly homework and children will be given a booklet that contains all 105 of the Y3/4 Statutory Spellings for Y3/4.

This is to be kept at home and 3 words learnt each and every week from it.

If it is misplaced, the work can be accessed by clicking here


Do you like playing games?

The Spelling Games Pack - Resources for Teachers and Educators 

Click here to see an activity pack full of really good spelling games you can play to help you learn your spellings.


Do you lke having fun and being creative?

7 Ideas for making spelling fun and effective

Have fun while learning your spellings. Here's a selection of fun activiities and worksheets that you can do to help you learn and remember your spellings.

Which way is your favourite way to learn?. 


A good site to practise spellings is 

Mathsframe Ltd. Logo  

Have you been on SpellingFrame lately?

It is a fabulous website that enables you to practise and learn the Year 3/4 statutory words and spelling rules in a fun and exciting way.

This link will take you there.

Click on the Year 3/4 link to see all the spellings rules we had been working on in class.

How many can you remember?

Try out some earlier spellings too if you need to refresh yourself.

Practise hard and then have fun playing the games. 


Do you need to pracrise your handwriting?

Fourth Grade - Handwriting | McRuffy Press

Please click here to download worksheets where you can practise all Y3/4 statutory spellings and handwriting at the same time. Sounds good to me!!


Do you like doing crosswords?

Crosswords With Friends: Amazon.co.uk: Appstore for Android

Click here to download some crosswords where all of the answers are words from the Y3/4 Statutory Spelling list.

Make sure you spell them properly!!!

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