Class 4 5th January 2021

Date: 5th Jan 2021 @ 10:06am

Hello Class 4,

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What a start to the year 2021!!

 I was really looking forward to seeing you after the Christmas break and finding out all your news and what Santa got you for Christmas. I hope you all had a really good break and had a lovely time with family. I had a lovely Christmas and even managed to get away to a cottage in The North Yorkshire Moors for a few days with Mr Williams. The cottage was beautiful but it was very icy there and, as nice as the snow was, I thought we were going to get snowed in at one point!

So, back to lockdown again. What will that mean for you? A few of you may be in school but most of you will be working from home now doing something we call “Remote Learning”. Some people call it “Home Learning” or “Blended Learning”. Good words eh? Look them up in a dictionary if you’re not sure what they mean.

Basically, it means you need to go online to access your work just like you did during the last lockdown. I have shown you how to access our class page where all the resources are so you should know what to do. Remember to pause the White Rose Maths video every time a question is asked so you will have time to try the questions. You will be doing the same (or very similar) work to the children that are in school. It’s really important that you do your work each day so we have all covered the same work and are up to the same lesson.

Click here to see this week’s work for Y3.

Click here to see this week’s work for Y4

It’s also really important that you read every day and continue to have fun on TTRockstars.

You should have login details for Teach Your Monster to Reade-library and TTRockstars and NumBots but email me if you need reminding.

I will not be attending school during this lockdown as I am on the Critically Extremely Vulnerable list and have been told to shield again. I will be working from home and will be setting home learning each week. Miss Cleary and Mrs McCombs will take it in turns to be in school and help with home learning and answering any questions.

For this current week:

  • I will be responsible for all of the lovely children in Year 3 and any queries you ot u=your parents may have. Your parent can contact me at [email protected]
  • Mrs McCombs will be in charge of any Year 4 children and she can be contacted at [email protected]
  • Miss Cleary will be teaching in essential keyworker children in school. Contact [email protected]


This week we would have been talking about New Years Resolutions.

Have you made any? What can you do to keep them? Send me a message and let me know if you've made any resolutions. 

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I have decided to be healthier this year and get fitter.

NO more chocolate for me!!!

Wish me luck!!


Take care, Class 4. I’ll be in touch again soon


Love Mrs Williams x

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