Our Display work

Making Picture Frames

Date: 13th Oct 2021 @ 11:13am

Class One have designed their own Picture Frames to display a portrait photograph.

Check out these illusion style photographs showing off their finished products!

12Alfie (2)_LI.jpg   1Abigail_LI (2).jpg   1Alfie_LI (2).jpg  


1Anyah_LI (2).jpg   1Bella_LI (2).jpg   1Calvin_LI.jpg   


1Charlie_LI (2).jpg   1Elara_LI.jpg   1Eva_LI (3).jpg   


1Finley (2)_LI.jpg   1Harper_LI.jpg   1Isaac_LI.jpg   


1Jacob_LI.jpg   1Joshua_LI.jpg   1Kade_LI.jpg   


1Layla_LI (2).jpg   1Lillie_LI.jpg   1Maggie_LI.jpg   


1MiaD (2)_LI.jpg   1MiaG (2)_LI.jpg   1Millie_LI.jpg   


1Olivia_LI.jpg   1Quade_LI.jpg   1Remi (2)_LI.jpg   


1Spencer (2)_LI.jpg   Scarlett1_LI.jpg  



Class 4 having fun in science

Date: 22nd Apr 2021 @ 9:17pm

Do not read any further if you have a weak stomach.

You have been warned!!

Class 4 had fun today making poo. Yes, you read that correctly. We have been looking at the digestion system and learning the function of each part. We put all of our knowledge into practise and constructed a working model of the digestive system.

A bowl was used for the mouth. We added typical food and drinks that we'd eaten that day.

Scissors represented incisors so we chopped some food up. Mashers were used to represent molars and made the food even smaller. We added a liquid to show the function of salivary amylase. A big wooden spoon acted as the tongue to move the food around the mouth. We made sure we masticated it well.

Next down the oesophagus and into the stomach (aka a sealed plastic jiffy bag). We added hydrochloric acid (aka orange juice) and we used our hands to squish the food up even more just like the mechanical action of our stomach would.

We cut a hole in the bottom corner of our stomach bag and opened the sphincter to release it into the duodenum, the first part of the small intestine. We used a pair of tights to represent the small intestine so we filled the leg with all of the sloppy food. We added some more enzymes from the gallbladder to break down fats. This was starting to become gross. We loved it!!!

Liquid was oozing out of the tights. We placed the intestine in a bowl of blood. Blackcurrant juice but it looked like blood. This was to show how all the nutrients and good stuff from our food entered the bloodstream for our circulation system to take it where it was needed. We squeezed as much water out as we could and moved the faecal matter down the tights by peristalsis. 

Next stop, the large intestine.

We absorbed more water from the “mess” by rolling the tights in kitchen roll.

We were left with a well formed stool that was sitting in the end of the tights. The rectum was getting full with food that our body couldn't digest, some bacteria and some old dead blood cells.

We snipped a hole in the end of the tights to create an anus and…

Use your imagination!!!!

Class 8 can dance!

Date: 28th Mar 2021 @ 12:13pm

You've got a friend (sign language) by Class 8

Date: 28th Mar 2021 @ 12:06pm

Year 4 - Ukuleles

Date: 21st Mar 2021 @ 3:34pm

Year 4 have started to play the ukuleles. 

As you can see, they know how to correctly hold their instruments. Look out for videos of them playing. 

Thank you to Mr Nicholas for teaching them.


30-Day Reading Challenge - The Film!

Date: 21st Mar 2021 @ 9:44am

A big thank you and well done to all the children who took part in the 30-Day Reading Challenge.

We hope you enjoy this film!

Mrs McCombs and Mrs Williams

Class 4 Noah Barleywater Trial

Date: 19th Mar 2021 @ 1:57pm

In English, Class 4 acted out the trial of Noah Barleywater and the case of the stolen apples.


World Book Day 2021 - Challenge 2

Date: 6th Mar 2021 @ 10:43am

Thank you for all the wonderful photos of your ideas for Reading Challenges.

We've been reading in some unusual situations in school too!

Please email any more in by Monday, 8th March to lyndsey.mccombs@kirkbyce.co.uk

Mrs McCombs

World Book Day 2021 - Challenge 1

Date: 6th Mar 2021 @ 10:11am

Thank you so much for all the photos you have sent in of your fantastic facemasks. We have had a wide range of authors and books. Well done!

You have until Monday, 8th March to email them to me at lyndsey.mccombs@kirkbyce.co.uk.

Mrs McCombs

30-Day Reading Challenge - Days 15 to 30

Date: 8th Feb 2021 @ 1:47pm

Hope you enjoy the photos from Day 15 to 30 of our 30-Day Reading Challenge.

Please keep those photos coming in!

Mrs McCombs

(Click here to see 1st gallery page. Click here to see the 2nd gallery page)

30- Day Reading Challenge - Days 8 to 14

Date: 4th Feb 2021 @ 5:26pm

Thank you so much for all the photos you have been sending in, and thank you to Mrs Williams who has created the Daily Challenges. I'm sure you'll agree, they are lots of fun. 

It is wonderful to see so many of our children enjoying reading. 

We've received so many photos that we have had to create a second gallery page. 

If any of your photos are missing, please bear with me I'm in the process of transferring them to the correct day. 

Thanks again.

Mrs McCombs


You can see photos for challenges 1-7 by clicking here.

Lockdown Challenge No. 5 - Draw with Rob

Date: 30th Jan 2021 @ 7:17pm

Lockdown Challenge No 5


Just look at the fantastic 'ARTY EFFORTS' for our DrawWithRob challenge.


Some teachers have even joined in as well.

Don't forget to make it even better with an interesting background.

30-Day Reading Challenge - Days 1 to 7

Date: 21st Jan 2021 @ 1:27pm

Look who has taken part in the 30-Day Reading Challenge 2021.

Who will win the prize for the most challenges met?

Who will manage to complete all 30 challenges and have a chance to win a book voucher?

Watch this space...


There's been that many photos, we have had to make ANOTHER page to put them on.

You can see more photos on our 2nd gallery page.

Click here to see photos for challenges 8-14.

No description available.



LKS2 Lockdown Learning

Date: 17th Jan 2021 @ 8:37pm

Have a look at all the wonderful work that children from Lower Keystage 2 have done during lockdown 2021. 

 Click on the image to read a collaborative poem called Books, written by children from Year 3 while they were on a Zoom meeeting.



Class 8's brighten up Kirkby!

Date: 8th Dec 2020 @ 5:13pm

In Class 8, we got very creative and made different designs of stars to make sure we had enough to light up Kirkby this christmas!



Christmas NHS posters

Date: 8th Dec 2020 @ 5:13pm

As a whole school, we have been desgining our own christmas posters for the NHS, in particular Aintree hospital, to brighten up their hospital during these tough times. The children designed them really well and had fun!

Remembrance Day 2020

Date: 14th Nov 2020 @ 1:29pm

Remembrance Day 2020

On Wednesday 11th November, Class 8 visited the school conptaph as things are a little different this year. We placed down a poppy reef that we made as a class, each poppy entails a message from each child and took the time to remember those who faught for us in the war.

Power of Reading Silly Billy

Date: 11th Oct 2020 @ 12:33pm

Our current Power of Reading text is Silly Billy by Anthony Browne. Class 3 got creative making our own unique worry dolls out of wood and wool. We hope you enjoy our creations.

Our Class 2 Bubble

Date: 4th Sep 2020 @ 7:10pm

Class 2 know why it is important to stay in our bubble!


Class 4 Learning at Home & Having Fun

Date: 5th May 2020 @ 8:49am

It's lovely to see you all working hard at home and also playing hard too.

Show off your skills. Show us what you've been up to. Don't be shy!

Email dreen.williams@kirkbyce.co.uk if you want to appear on our class galllery.

Phonics at Home

Date: 28th Apr 2020 @ 8:42am


Some extra phonic work in preparation of Reception class


Getting ready to read:


  • Listen to a story and retell bits of it
  • Recognise their own name
  • Recognise some letter sounds (e.g some sounds in their name)
  • Pick out patterns and details in pictures
  • Join in with language play ( e.g songs and nursery rhymes, games like ‘I spy’ etc
  • Match words ( e.g match Mum from a set of cards to the word Mum in a sentence)
  • Sustain concentration for 5 -10 mins daily
    Starting to read
  • Read short sentences with simple two and three letter words (e.g. Mum has a big red bag)
  • Retell a simple  story
  • Recognise 5-10 common tricky words by sight (e.g. the, I, no, go, to )
  • Write their name and a few other familiar words  Mum, Dad, it, am,
  • Build sentences using familiar words ‘The fat cat’

To teach children how to read and write, all schools use phonics. Phonics teaches children about the sounds that make up words. In Phase 2, children start by learning what letters look like and the sounds they make, for example, children will learn what the letter 's' looks like and the sound 's' makes. Children then learn how to put letters together to spell words like 'sat' and how to read words like 'sat' by matching each letter to the sound it makes, then blending the letters to read a whole word. For example if Joe knows what sounds the letters 's' 'a' and 't' make, he can read 's-a-t' and blend those sounds together to make 'sat'. All children have a 10 minute phonics lesson every day (normally/ keep it short and exciting). Phonics can be a complicated process to understand! Please ask if you have any questions.


This weekly phonics homework for this summer (lockdown) term. It is really important that children practice their phonics at home as it helps them to progress quickly at school.


Happy reading

Mrs McPhillips


















Week 1 & 2 Homework

  1. Practice reading letters: s, a, t, p
    …...............   …................    …...............    ….............. 
    …...............   …................    …...............    …..............
    …...............   …................    …...............    ….............. 
    …...............   …................    …...............    ….............. 
  1. Reading words and spelling words (ask children to try to read these then ask children to attempt to spell these on the back of this page):

at           sat          pat         tap         sap         a            as


Tricky word to practice reading and spelling: I

…......      …......      …......      …......      …......


Sentence to read:

I sat on a mat.

Practice writing:



My child tried to do this homework: yes / no

My child found this: (circle)   easy          medium             hard


Home Learning

Date: 26th Apr 2020 @ 10:30am

Home Learninng

Hello children I hope you are all well. I want to show you what your friends are doing at home while they are not in Nursery. Have a look at who you can spot.

Home schooling - Nursery children have their say




Hi Mrs Mcphillips.


My mummy has just read the letter to me that you wrote, i miss school and my friends lots.

I have been busy doing lots of different things i have learnt to ride my bike, i have made a time capsule with pictures in and all about the coronavirus for the future and i have wrote a list of things i want to do soon when everything is back to normal, i want to go to London, the Safari park and Edinburgh zoo because me and mum have been watching Edinburgh zoo live online at half 9 everyday when the panda is there. 

My mum has sent some pictures of my work i have been doing some that i brought home and writing my numbers to 20 and playing games like picking a letter and going around the house to find things that start with that letter, mine was B and mummy's was L, i won. My nana keeps saying I’m like Matilda because i have been doing lots of number work and i done a really hard one like 3 less than 45 is 42.


I have a dog too, she is called Nellie. Hope to be back at school soon

Love Alfie


Hi Mrs McPhilips


Maggie is missing her friends and her lovely teachers so much. Her two big sisters are luckily able to stay in touch with their friends through Face time but Maggie doesn't have this contact and is struggling some days. She was very excited to hear you have been making cakes as she had just finished baking herself (picture attached). Maggie has been working really hard and has lots of gold stars on her reward chart. She has been leading story time and practising her name everyday.


Maggie and Mummy hope to see all the teachers soon and hope they are all keeping well. X




Hi Mrs McPhillips! 

Thank you for Scarlett’s workbook she is excited to start some work inside. She has been practising each day her reading, writing and her numbers 1-20!

She is missing nursery, the teachers and playing with her friends 

I have attached some of her work she has been doing at home.

I hope you all stay safe!

From  Scarlett 


Hello Mrs Mcphilips I have been missing my friends an teachers but we have had a busy few weeks we had birthday party as I am now 4  it was superhero themed then was mummy’s birthday were we had pamper an spa! I have been busy doing gardening with daddy we have had our living room as cinema, karaoke  and bowling alley! Been making lots of cakes and doing lots of learning, painting and fun in sun! We also made a time capsule that I have buried in garden! Will get mummy to email you again with what I have been up to this week

Missing hugs 



Ah thank you Mrs Mcphillips.

 Ethans missing you all, hes keeping up with writing his name he doing really well being a good boy keeping up with learning. We’ve found sparklebox on YouTube which he is enjoying learning phonics from. Stay safe an speak to you soon xxx

Good afternoon Ms McPhillips,

It’s Finley here and just wanted to say hello and tell you what I have been up to the last couple week.

I hope you and your family and all the other teachers are doing well and staying safe.

I can’t believe you saw the Easter Bunny in your garden that was amazing. You will be glad to know that she visited me and left lots of eggs around my house. She also left me a map to find them all which I did with my mum and dad it was so much fun and it was lots of fun eating them to they were yummy!

I am missing nursery and all my teachers but I especially miss playing with my best friend Charlie and Francis  I can’t wait to be able to play with them again. I was so happy to get my email to say I have been accepted to come to school again next year.

While I have been at home I have been doing lots of fun things, I have been completing my pirate activity booklet and colouring in humpty dumpty. I have been reading lots of books and watching Blippi on YouTube which has shown me lots of dun things about farms, building, animals, numbers and letters. I have also been doing letter flash cards with my mummy and naming 3 things that begin with the letter. I have been doing my exercises and had lots of races in the garden.

Outside I have been helping and playing in the garden and helping daddy wash the car (making lots of mess with the water 😂) I have also helped cook tea on the BBQ

So you can see I have attached some pictures.

Can’t wait to see everyone again soon



Hello again Mrs  McPhillips


Am ready for bed after another fun day. Carter woke up this morning wanting to go to school so we tried his new uniform and shoes on him and played school in the living room mum was the teacher and made pack lunches for us for dinner time, I also drawed my nanna a picture for work. Am almost asleep so I will take more fun photos to send to you.


Goodnight, sleep tight watch them bed bugs dont bite. 


Lots of love Calvin xxx



Hello Mrs McPhillips,


Spencer would like to let everybody know how much he is missing you all and he cant wait to be back in nursery playing with all his friends.

We had a very productive day yesterday making bread, scones, sausage rolls and even a chocolate cake, he said when he comes back hes going to make lots of sausage rolls for everyone as he wasn't very happy that he couldnt bring you any of the ones he made yesterday. We have attached pictures of everything we have made for you to see.

We also done Mr Mawsons challenge, Spencer found this hard so ended up picking random letters and then had a bounce on his trampoline.

We have been reading lots of books while Spencer has been away from school and learning how to write his name, he is following dots at the moment but were getting there, he is also learning numbers and can count to 30 all by himself.

He is now colouring and filling out his Covid-19 work booklet he received yesterday from school.


Lots of love from Spencer

Hi Teachers 


While its been a lovely day the girls have been planting and playing (with a little bit of written work in between) followed by a family football match, I really want to be on Robyns team next time!


We really appreciate our garden in these times (and our daily walk). We've made a tally chart of bugs we found and were we found them and converted this into different graphs and charts, we followed the life cycle of bird, frogs and butterflies to name a few. Its the hatching season and we have new chicks on our local lake, cocoons in the garden and our own 3 baby geckos have hatched ( Lightning, Rayna and Blaze) so its been very exciting.


Both Will and I are working from home he is daytime and i'm on the night shift so we are juggling and adapting, hopefully keeping the kids minds ticking until they are back in your hero arms! (how do you do this with more than 3 kids)!


I thought i'd send a few pics over from today.




Hello Mrs McPhillips,


Good to hear from you. Yes the boys are surely keeping each other happy and we all doing our best to stay safe & happy. We watched the video of the teachers on the website, we were all happy to see you all. Boys were excited, Joshua asked why are they all throwing toilet rolls?  Good to see you all. Kindly find attached some pictures of Joshua learning at home. 


Hi Miss,

Jacob has done you a picture of himself playing in the garden with his dog Rocco there was also a bird and a ladybug, also sent you a picture of Jacob working hard writing his name and a picture of my own class of little people working hard xx




Hi Miss,

Archie has drawn you a pic of myself and him playing on the grass.


Hi Mrs McPhillips 

It’s Hayley, 


I wanted to show you what I’ve been upto whilst I’ve been at home, I’ve been learning how to right my name, and learning my numbers I’m on 1-7 now, we been having lots of fun too like we had a teddy bears picnic in our garden, and I brought, cat boy, he’s my favourite.  I’ve also growth spurt too, so I’m getting bigger now.



Hi Mrs Mcphillips


The twins are missing nursery very much, they have been getting a little bit upset. We have tried to keep as busy as possible. We celebrated our 4th birthday today. Here are some pictures. We miss you lots all our love Aria & Jaxson 




Hi Mrs Mcphillips,



Hope you had a lovely Easter... I did.

This week i have learnt to count in 2's and also been doing some sequences, i have made some Easter crafts and been paying in my garden lots.

I have put some pictures on of some of the things i have been getting up to.

Hope to see you soon.



Hi Mrs Mcphillips

Aria and Jaxson are really missing nursery , we have been playing in the garden in our outdoor house . We have been riding our bikes and scooters too . Mummy has been trying to do work with us which is difficult as they we are very easily distracted by our toys . Her is some little things we have been doing.(Photo's attached)
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Hi Teachers 
How the weather changed last week! We are so please to see the sunshine again this morning, life is so much easier when we can play outside.
We have been working hard learning how to tell the time and times table, we started our time capsule too. While the rain poured we stayed indoors and helped mum around the house. She make us count the toilet rolls and guess the 3d shape and colour while we help put them away. We folded our own clothes and put them in our draws in colour order too, we enjoyed leaning these life skills. We planted more fruit and veg when the sun came out and we made best friend bracelets, Milly had to concentrate really hard to thread the beads. We also made more yummy cakes, they don't last long when dad sees them! And we have been chopping up salad for snack time, cucumber and carrots are our favourite with hummus. 
We always keep aside some of the recyclable bits we come across, we picked local flowers (but not from the path where dogs might wee) and we put them in some of the juice bottle we kept from our last trip to Nandos, they look lovely in our bedrooms. We know how important it is to recycle and reuse as much as we can to help change our Earth and help it recover. 
We have a chart on our fridge just like the one at school, when we do good things we move our peg up when we do not so good things we might move down. The person at the top of the chart at the end of the day wins a small prize and at the end of the week we have an award assembly were we might win star of the week and a bigger prize and a certificate.
On Friday were having a party in our garden, its to celebrate the end of WW2, its called VE day. We hope it stays sunny so we can get our BBQ back out, we will play music and decorate our house with the our flag colours Red, White and Blue.
How are you enjoying your time away from school?
Love from Robyn, Heidi and Milly xxxx

Hi Mrs McPhillips,

Amelia would like to send you a picture of her doing her homework, today we are doing letters and numbers, Amelia has been learning her Alaphabet and can now sing the full alphabet song 👏😊
We hope to see you soon
Amelia and Family
Hello Mrs mcphilips I Hope you are well an staying safe I have had busy week doing learning an playing with my mummy an daddy! My nanny brought me a tent so me an mummy camped out in garden an stayed in it all night! We had a VE Day bbq in garden an did pictures an flags with 75 on. I really hope we can see each other soon I am missing everyone so so much!
Lots of love 
Millie Absalom xx

Film Competition 2020

Date: 23rd Apr 2020 @ 10:47am

It's great to see your entries for our Film Competition and see some of the lovely things you and your family have been getting up to.

Keep sending them in to your class teacher who will upload them for you or send them by What's App to 07395763866


Closing date for entries is Friday 1st May. There will be prizes for each class winner and an overall winner receiving an Amazon Gift Voucher for £20.

It could be you!!

World Book Day

Date: 22nd Apr 2020 @ 9:30am

World Book Day

Here are the children in their amazing creative costumes. There are some you will recognise instantly and some who are slightly mysterious.We had a wonderful day discussing our interests of our favourite characters. See if you can spot who's who.

Our day was filled with imaginative drawings and paintings of Frozen, Postman Pat and even dinosaurs. We listened to many of our favourite stories including traditional tales and pirate adventues.

Happy Birthday

Date: 9th Apr 2020 @ 1:30pm

Happy Birthday!


Wishing a very Happy Birthday to our April born children, Millie, Aria and Jaxson. We hope you had a magical day! 

What cake did you have? How many candles on your cake?

( Only testing devil I know there will have been 4) Did you get 4 hair tugs? Did you get four claps? Who sang to you?  What was your favourite present? What a lot of questions????One more........

Did you save me a slice of cake?


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