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Our Class Learning Journey 2

Date: 19th Oct 2020 @ 4:51pm


What a fantastic month we have had! 

The children have settled in and begun their learning journey.  The children have been assessed and next steps planned for all children.  Group work and interventions will start in November.

We have been learning new songs that include Months of the Year and Days of the Week and looking at when our birthdays occur. We have started learning dance routines and doing yoga to build muscle strength, coordination and balance.

The children write their names daily in class and are working hard to write their surname too.

We have completed the story 'So much' by Trish Cooke and children learnt what a Freeze Frame is and wrote a party invitation for Dad’s surprise party. 

During 'busy' time, the children have been exploring the indoor and outdoor areas and have loved exploring the changing environment from Summer to Autumn.   Please use the 'Autumn 1' or 'Outdoor learning' tab at the top of the class page to find the photos. Ask your child to tell you what they have been up to in the photographs.

We are very excited for Autumn 2 and look forward to teaching lots more new things and providing new and challenging experiences for your child. 


Miss O'Nions /Miss Nieman / Mrs Vella / Miss Dunphy 

Our Class Learning Journey

Date: 9th Sep 2020 @ 7:08pm


Welcome to our class blog! We will be updating you with photos and information about what we have been learning every month. 



Well what a busy first month we have had at school! The children have been exploring their new environment and making lots of new friends. It is lovely to see so many smiley faces in the morning and parents telling us that their child is excited to come to school. 

Every morning, the children self-register through finding their own name card and posting it in the box to let us know how they are feeling today. We then sing lots of exciting songs together! If you would like to share some of the songs at home, please use the links on the class page. We have been reading a story by the Charlie and Lola series called 'I am too absolutely small for school' and we have just started our next reading focus - the story 'So much' by Trish Cooke.



The children have become very familair with the daily routine which we display on the board and talk about together. Some children have even become the 'teacher' and tell us what the timetable says! A visual timetable helps children to break up the day and understand 'now' and 'next'. This has been a very useful tool - especially in the first term. 

During 'busy' time, the children have been exploring the new indoor and outdoor areas. As part of our Early Years curriculum, we provide an exciting and stimulating environment in which the children can learn through play. We update our class page weekly with photos of our learning. Please use the 'Autumn 1' or 'Outdoor learning' tab at the top of the class page to find the photos. Maybe your child can tell you what they were busy doing? 

We would like to thank all the parents and carers for your support during the first month and we look forward to what the rest of the year brings!


Miss O'Nions /Miss Nieman / Mrs Vella / Miss Dunphy 

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